Polyurethane Polymer repairs concrete in 10 minutes.

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Operating at temperatures as low as -40°F, CHEMCRETE 1800 2-component polyurethane deep penetrating polymer cures to acheive strength and durability of concrete. Low viscosity compound does not freeze when exposed to frozen base concrete and is suited for repairing hairline cracks, control joints, or securing bolts for equipment or hand railings. Used neat or in combination with sand or similar thickening material, it can be applied to horizontal and vertical surfaces.

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Permanent Repair Material Repairs Concrete in Just 10 Minutes -- Even in Cold Temperature Applications

(St. Louis, MO - USA) Chemline announces the availability of a convenient, strong and "quick-cure" concrete repair: CHEMCRETE 1800. This new two-component polyurethane is a deep penetrating polymer that cures to possess the strength and durability of concrete within 10 minutes. This information is according to John Henningsen, Marketing Manager for the manufacturer.

Repairing cracked and broken concrete is a consuming job. The preparation and installation of repair systems on small repairs requires hours. When this involves repairs in cold temperature locations (freezers, coolers or Northern latitudes), CHEMCRETE 1800 eliminates most of the time-consuming, messy prep work and provides permanent repairs in minutes. This product will cure within ten minutes at -40°F (-40°C). When repairing concrete joints or thresholds, CHEMCRETE 1800 will have the area ready for heavy vehicle traffic within minutes.

CHEMCRETE 1800 offers a very low viscosity. It's as thin as water, but it will not freeze when exposed to frozen base concrete. According to Mr. Henningsen, "CHEMCRETE 1800 holds it deep penetrating bond indefinitely.

Mr. Henningsen added: "It is reasonable to conclude that repairs with CHEMCRETE 1800 will restore the structural performance of the original concrete substrate."

This product is applied with a conventional dual cartridges and static mixing equipment technology or it can be hand mixed and applied to the repair site. Used neat or in combination with a sand or similar thickening material, CHEMCRETE 1800 can be easily applied to horizontal and vertical surfaces.

CHEMCRETE 1800 can be used with equal ease in the same ten-minute time frame when repairing hairline cracks, control joints or quickly securing bolts for equipment or hand railings.

According to the manufacturer, "using this repair system, labor savings of 80% are possible over conventional repair materials and practices."

About Chemline

Chemline Inc. is a manufacturer of spray-applied, high performance polyurethanes, polyureas and epoxy polymers for use in a wide variety of industrial and construction industries. For more information contact Chemline or visit their web site: www.chemline.net.

Contact: John Henningsen
E-mail: info@chemline.net
Tel: 314-664-2230 or 314-540-2704

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