Polyurethane Compound is designed for fluid power seals.

Press Release Summary:

Disogrin® 7695 compound for fluid power seals is compatible with mineral oils, vegetable-based biodegradable fluids, and water. It resists hydrolysis and hot water up to 250°F, making it suitable alternative to chloroprene and ethylene propylene rubbers. It also resists acidic and basic solutions, pH 2-13, up to 220°F.

Original Press Release:

Disogrin® 7695 Compound Solves Water Degradation Issue for Fluid Power Seals

CHICAGO, February 23, 2004 - Simrit - the industrial sealing division of Freudenberg-NOK - has introduced Disogrin® 7695, a proprietary compound used for fluid power seals that is unlike any polyurethane in the industry today. While many polyurethane seals are vulnerable to hydrolysis, or degradation by water, seals made of Disogrin 7695 are compatible with both mineral oils and water, fitting a more diverse range of applicaticns.

This new material advancement can be seen at Simrit's booth (#2447) during the National Design Engineering Show being held here this week at McCormick Place.

"The innovation and world-class engineering that went into the development of Disogrin 7695 exemplifies our commitment to not only meeting our customer's needs and expectations, but exceeding them," said Joel T. Johnson, vice president of technology for Simrit. "Our unmatched sealing technology expertise, combined with our global capability, ensures robust
designs, reliable performance and state-of-the-art products for all of our customers sealing needs."

The major advantage of Disogrin 7695 is that it is compatible with both vegetable-based hydraulic fluids and water. Vegetable-based biodegradable fluids, which are commonly used in
environmentally sensitive applications, typically absorb more water than mineral-based fluids and have caused seal failures in fluid power equipment in the past. Seals made of Disogrin 7695
eliminate this problem.

Disogrin 7695 is resistant to hot water up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit, making it a possible alternative to chloroprene and ethylene propylene rubbers. It is also resistant to acidic and basic solutions (pH 2-13) up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit.

A market leader in seals for the aerospace, appliance, mobile machinery, outdoor power and recreation market segments, Simrit draws from more than 150 years of experience and well-known brand names including Freudenberg®, NOK®, Disogrin®, Merkel® and
International Seal®. The Simrit Division is based at Freudenberg-NOK's headquarters in Plymouth, Mich. Freudenberg-NOK is part of the Freudenberg and NOK Group Companies, which have total annual sales of more than $7 billion.

For more information, visit the Simrit website at www.simrit.com

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