Polymet Streamlines Industrial Product Line

Polymet Corporation, a Cincinnati-based manufacturer of hardfacing, welding, and thermal spray wire, has announced its finalization on streamlining their rapidly growing product line of Industrial Hardfacing & Welding Wire. This product line targets markets such as the lumber, valve, petrochemical, and mining industries.

To better serve their customers' needs and requirements with a more focalized approach, Polymet has scaled back on its product offerings. Danny Newman, Sales Manager for Hardfacing & Welding, has been at the forefront of the product line's restructuring. "Since our inception, we [Polymet] have been a company that serves very precise, niche markets and their customer's needs," Danny states. "This allows us to provide excellent quality, efficiency, and customer service. We wanted to take that same approach and apply it to this product line."

Nickel and cobalt-based alloys now comprise the product line that was once filled with mostly iron-based materials. Polymet's two main nickel-based products are the POLYWEAR (equivalent to COLMONOY®) and POLYTUNG (equivalent to DURMAT®) alloys. Typical applications for these materials are dredge cutters, elbows & pipes, and loader bucket teeth. Representing the cobalt-based alloys are the POLYSTEL (equivalent to STELLITE®) alloys. These alloys have been at the pinnacle of the industrial product line's advancement and growth. Typical applications include valve seats, saw blade tipping, and extrusion screws.

Polymet's revitalized product line carries materials such as POLYSTEL 6 (STELLITE® 6), POLYSTEL 12 (STELLITE® 12), and POLYSTEL 21 (STELLITE® 21). They also offer custom alloy development services to meet customers' unique needs and application demands. Alloys with special compositions can be manufactured in small batches with short lead times.

STELLITE® is a registered trademark of Kennametal Stellite

DURMAT® is a registered trademark of Durmat Inc.

COLMONOY® is a registered trademark of Wall Colmonoy Corporation

About Polymet

Polymet (www.polymet.us), a world-class manufacturer of high performance wire for hardfacing, welding and thermal spraying, produces high quality products used in the aerospace, automotive, cement, mining, lumber, nuclear, power generation and many other industries. Our wires are ideal for demanding applications such as metal to metal, metal to earth, high impact, high abrasion, corrosion and high temperature, or combinations of these wear factors.

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