Polymerase Chain Reaction System amplifies PCR up to 1 kbp within 30 min.

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For downstream applications requiring nucleic acid amplification, portable Palm PCR(TM) F1-12 provides 3 standard fast speed levels and delivers 30-cycle PCR amplification within 24-30 min. Amplification sensitivity reaches to near single-copy level below 10 copies, and dynamic range of PCR amplification is up to 1 kbp. Measuring 2.8 x 4.76 x 1.85 in. and weighing 350 g, instrument can operate continuously for 4+ hr on one battery charge and offers temperature uniformity of less than ±0.1°C.

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Ahram Biosystems Announces Launch of the New Economy Model F1-12 of Its Palm PCR Series

Palm PCR F1-12, the economy model of the innovative Palm PCR series, is now on the market. It can amplify up to 1 kbp within 30 minutes in a small handheld, portable format

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Ahram Biosystems, Inc., a leading innovator of new life science tools, today announced the launch of Palm PCR F1-12, the economy model of its innovative portable PCR system. The F1-12 system is a cost-effective, high-performance portable PCR system, delivering PCR amplification with high speed and sensitivity in a fully portable format.

The Palm PCR F1-12 system provides three "Standard Fast" speed levels delivering 30-cycle PCR amplification within 30 minutes down to 24 minutes. The amplification sensitivity reaches to near single-copy level below 10 copies. The dynamic range of the PCR amplification is up to 1 kbp. Like other Palm PCR series, it is battery-powered (more than 4 hours of continuous operation on a single charge) and represents high temperature uniformity (less than +/- 0.1 degrees C) and a small footprint and light weight (71 mm x 121 mm x 47 mm or 2.8" x 4.76" x 1.85", 350 g).

The high speed and high sensitivity of the F1-12 system and its affordable price make it ideal for a wide range of downstream applications that require fast and sensitive nucleic acid amplification. Examples include POCT (point-of-care testing), food quality assurance, forensics, educational uses and many other applications of genetic identification purposes. The battery-powered, full portability makes the F1-12 system particularly invaluable where in-field or on-site PCR amplification is crucial. The Palm PCR F1-12 system enables users to perform highly sensitive and accurate PCR amplification in a fully portable format while saving both money and time.

The Palm PCR F1-12 system comes at an affordable price of mid US$3k, in a complete set that includes the main device, a rechargeable battery and other accessories. The F1-12 system is available for order from Ahram Biosystems (www.ahrambio.com) or its global distributors.

About Ahram Biosystems:

Ahram Biosystems, Inc. is a leading innovator of new life science tools, taking the initiative to bring portable innovation to the biotechnology market. The company provides the innovative portable PCR system, Palm PCR(TM), designed to perform polymerase chain reactions for both indoor and outdoor applications. The company has its headquarters in Seoul, Korea and a subsidiary in Santa Clara, California. For more information, visit www.ahrambio.com or contact info@ahrambio.com.

CONTACT: Ahram Biosystems, Inc., info@ahrambio.com

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