Polymer Tubing suits high temperature applications.

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Electron beam cross-linked tubing has permanent, three-dimensional molecular structure that provides creep, fatigue, and abrasion resistance. Cross-linking process does not leave any residue, odor, or aftertaste on tubes or assemblies. Tubing can be expanded and shrink-wrapped over objects. Available up to 8 in. dia., tubing suits water, medical, automotive, electrical, and packaging industries.

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Electron Beam Cross-Linking Strengthens Industrial Grade Tubing

Cranbury, NJ: Super resilient, high performance tubing that has been cross-linked by E-BEAM Services, Inc. using electron beam technology transforms cost-efficient tubing products into value-added specialty items that solve a wide range of industrial applications in which heat, mechanical stress, chemical interaction, and abrasion create a formidable challenge.

The high energy e-beam process cross-links polymer molecules to create a permanent, three-dimensional molecular structure that provides higher tensile strength; durability; high temperature applications; and creep, fatigue, and abrasion resistance. The e-beam process does not affect the finished size, shape, or form of the tubing or tubing assemblies, and because the chemically-free e-beam process does not require chemicals, it will not leave any residue, odor, or aftertaste. In fact, the e-beam process sterilizes the tubing, in addition to providing product enhancements. Some applications require the sterilization feature and benefit from the product being ready to ship immediately after processing (no quarantine period required).

E-beam cross-linked tubing is rapidly replacing metallic tubing for industrial and potable water applications. The advantages are lower material and labor cost and much better corrosion resistance, elimination of water hammer, and ease of installation.

A unique feature of cross-linked tubing is the ability of the molecular structure to have "memory". The tubing can be expanded, and once in place, shrink-wrapped over objects. This feature provides for a product line of "heat shrink tubing" that is used in the medical, automotive, electrical and packaging industries.

E-BEAM Services can process tubing up to 8" in diameter.

For more information please contact Mr. John Messick; E-BEAM Services, Inc.; 118 Melrich Road; Cranbury, NJ 08512; (877)413-2326.

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