Polymer produces high-solids floor finishes.

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Megatran® 248 produces floor finish formulations that are easily applied and repaired, and perform well over wide range of temperatures and humidities. Glossy finishes respond well to burnishing, low-speed spray buffing, and frequent ultra-high-speed maintenance. Use of sulfate and sulfonate groups attached to polymer backbone stabilize polymer emulsion particles during drying process.

Original Press Release:

New High-Solids Floor Finish Polymer Reduces Application Labor

CANTON, MA - Interpolymer Corp. introduces its new polymer for high-solids, high-speed buffable floor finishes with excellent initial gloss and repairability. When properly formulated, Megatran® 248 produces floor finish formulations that are also easily applied and repaired.

Due to high solids content, formulations based on the patented Megatran 248 polymer require fewer coats than are needed with conventional low-solids formulations. This translates into reduced labor costs while achieving glossy, tough finishes with excellent response to burnishing. High-solids formulations based on the Megatran 248 have extremely low viscosities that lead to flow and leveling characteristics equal to or better than conventional formulations.

Megatran 248 formulations perform well over a wide range of temperatures and humidities, even if application instructions are not followed strictly. Finishes respond well to low-speed spray buffing and frequent ultra-high-speed maintenance. This expanded "window of success" is due in part to the use of sulfate and sulfonate groups attached to the polymer backbone (instead of the weaker carboxylic acid groups used in conventional polymers) to stabilize polymer emulsion particles during the drying process.

Interpolymer's Megatran polymers represent the first major innovation in floor-care polymer technology in the last 10 years. Megatrans offer measurable advantages for a wide variety of floor finish formulations, from dry-bright to high-burnish blends, while providing the low viscosity and ease of use typical of lower-solids formulations. For a unique end use or special performance advantages, Interpolymer engineers are willing to custom design a polymer based on Megatran technology.

Interpolymer Corp., headquartered in Canton, Massachusetts, is a leading producer of specialty polymers and wax emulsions with regional headquarters and production facilities in the United States and Europe and sales offices in Germany, France, and China. Interpolymer's Syntran and Megatran brand polymersare used in many personal care products, household products, and specialty products as well as in compounds to clean or protect floors, stone and marble, fabric, and wood.

For more information, contact John C. Dieselman, Market Manager, Interpolymer Corporation, 200 Dan Road, Canton, MA 02021, TEL: (781) 828-7120 or toll-free at 1-800-262-1281, FAX: (781) 821-5218, E-mail: info@interpolymer.com, Web: www.interpolymer.com.

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