Polymer Bearings provide snap-in installation.

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Type 7 Nylon(TM) bearings provide double-flange construction that assures positive bearing retention for installation in thin plates. Available in metric and inch sizes, units offer .001 in. min diameter shaft-to-bearing clearance and compensation gap that allows bearings to be collapsed. Requiring no lubrication, corrosion-resistant products come in 7 sleeve, flanged, and snap-in types. Bearings suit automotive, appliance, marine, medical, and office equipment industries.

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Thomson Snap-In Type Engineered Polymer Bearings

Thomson Type 7 snap-in Nylon* engineered polymer bearings are designed for easy installation in thin plates, thanks to their double-flange construction that assures positive bearing retention.

Low friction Type 7 snap-in Nyliner bearings solve thousands of design problems in industries as diverse as automotive, appliance, marine, medical and office equipment.

The bearings, which are available in both millimeter and inch sizes, feature:

o a minimum diametral shaft to bearing clearance of .001"

o thin-wall construction which contributes to minimal changes in wall thickness

o a compensation gap that allows the bearings to be collapsed so the smaller flange can be easily spiraled through the mounting hole

o fast and economical snap-in installation. Light finger pressure exerted to the left of the compensation gap spirals the bearing into position.

o no lubrication

Injection molded Nyliner* bearings outperform bronze bushings by offering a low coefficient of friction, long life, smooth and quiet operation, corrosion resistance, easy installation and low cost.

For higher temperatures and loads, Nyliner Plus* bearings provide better cost/performance than steel backed PTFE and filament wound bearings. Nyliner bearings come in seven sleeve, flanged and snap-in types and are available from stock in 225 standard millimeter and inch sizes. Other proprietary polymers and custom designs for large volume applications are also available.

The company offers hundreds of materials to choose from and complete in-house design and tool fabrication. To request a catalog or to discuss your special needs, call 1-800-554-8466. Fax 516-944-1045, E-mail us at nyliner@thomsonmail.com. Visit Thomson's website at www.nyliner.com.

Thomson invented and manufactures a complete family of Ball Bushing* bearings, 60 Case* LinearRace* shafts, Thomson Saginaw* and IBL* ball screws; RoundRail*, Smart Rail*, and ProfileRail* linear guides, systems and controls; Micron True Planetary* gearheads; Nyliner* engineered polymer bearings and FluoroNyliner* Bushing bearings; precision bearing balls, and Thomson Airpax Mechatronics stepper motors, brushless DC motors, and digital linear actuators. All Thomson Industries manufacturing locations are ISO-certified. Automotive facilities operate to QS-9000 standards. Thomson is a three-time General Motors Supplier of the Year and a two-time ITT Gold Award Supplier. Visit Thomson's website at www.nyliner.com.

* Trademark of Thomson Industries, Inc

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