Polymar to Represent Argotec's Polyurethane Film & Sheet in Europe

GREENFIELD, MA, USA -- Argotec, Inc., of Greenfield, Massachusetts U.S.A. today announced their reaching agreement with polymer marketing specialists Polymar bvba of Antwerp, Belgium to represent the company in Europe, including the former Eastern European countries and the United Kingdom, effective January 1, 2013.

Polymar will sell Argotec's complete line of blown and flat-die extruded, aromatic and aliphatic, polyurethane film & sheet in thicknesses of 0.5-80 mils (125-2000 microns) and widths up to 86 inches (2.18 meters). In addition to working with converters, fabricators, adhesive coaters and OEMs to create custom-engineered PU films that meet very challenging application criteria, Polymar will also stock many of Argotec's popular standard films.

About Polymar

Founded in 1983, Polymar is a technical marketing and distribution company representing U.S. based companies in Europe who provide state-of-the-art products and systems based on polyurethane chemistry. These products are sold into many diverse markets where they often play a unique and vital role in the success of the end product or system. The company works closely with their principal suppliers, like Argotec, to develop products and systems to meet the requirements of European clients and markets.

Further information about Polymar may be obtained by calling their Antwerp office at +32 3 650 16 90, faxing +32 3 650 16 99, e-mailing balemonte@polymar.com, or visiting the company's web site at: www.polymar.com. The company's United Kingdom offices may be reached by calling +44 1 277 280120, faxing +44 1 277 770277, or e-mailing sb@brglobal.org.

About Argotec

Argotec is a privately held, global supplier of custom-engineered, high-performance, thermoplastic polyurethane film and sheet for a wide variety of critical applications. In addition to flat-die, cast-on-carrier and blown-film-extrusion technologies, the company also has expertise in extrusion coating and multi-layer constructions. Argotec provides PU film & sheet products to OEMs, plastic film adhesive coaters, converters and fabricators who supply the international glass lamination, medical, textile lamination, paint and surface protection, graphics, and specialty films markets.

Further information about Argotec may be obtained by calling 1-413-772-2564, faxing 1-413-772-2565, e-mailing info@argotec.com, or visiting the company's website at: www.argotec.com.

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