Polyimide Film offers FEP coating from 5-12.5 microns.

Press Release Summary:

Equivalent to Kapton FN616, Polyimide Film PI-F features 12.5 micron FEP coating on both sides. Polyamide Film PI-H ranges from 1-8 mil thick and comes in widths of 10-1,040 mm. Corona-treated Polyimide film, PI-V is offered in same thickness and widths as PI-H.

Original Press Release:

Polyimide film HN & FN616

Profma International Co.,Ltd. is a leading polyimide film manufacturer group in China. Now we annouce we have successfully developed out the FEP coated PI film which equivalent to Kapton FN616, this is a type formed FEP 12.5 microns on both sides of polyimide film (1mil). Now we have the following polyimide material for world market:

1.Polyimide film PI-H, equivalent to Kapton HN, thickness 1-8mil, width 10-1040mm
2.Polyimide film PI-V, corona treated for super surface adhesion, thickness and width same as PI-H
3.Polyimide film PI-F, equivalent to Kapton FN616,919,929,019,029 etc.

Special thickness FEP can be coated between 5-12.5microns on special thickness of Polyimide film.

Profma is more flexible in production according to customers designation and offers full tech support and competitive prices.For more details, please refer to website profma.com or contact zcbgus@tom.com

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