Polyester Tape is designed for clean removal.

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D-Wrap 1 mil polyester tape is designed for holding or masking operations involving high temperature and pressure in metal bond and plastic shops. Coated with fully cured, heat-resistant silicone adhesive, it prevents contamination caused by softening, oozing or transfer. Thermal-, abrasion-, and chemical-resistant product prevents cracking and backing deterioration, and does not leave residual traces of adhesive on surfaces.

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D-Wrap Polyester Tape

Lake Villa, IL October 11, 2005: CS Hyde Company is pleased to announce D-Wrap tape. This tape is a 1mil blue high temperature high tensile polyester film coated with a fully cured silicone adhesive. There is no contamination problem from the silicone adhesive because it is fully cured and does not transfer. D-Wrap also has more adhesive than typical polyester tapes and has superior adhesion and better conformability.

D-Wrap is multi-purpose high temperature tape designed for holding or masking operations in metal bond and plastic shops. This tape is designed to provide clean removal during masking operations that involve high temperature and pressure. D-Wrap retains flexibility and thermal resistance as well as abrasion and chemical resistance. This helps to reduce failures due to cracking and backing deterioration. The silicone adhesive provides for higher heat resistance than many other adhesive. The silicone adhesive also helps to reduce failure due to softening, oozing and adhesive transfer.

Today it is in many other areas throughout the plant in chemical milling, riveting and paint shops. D-Wrap can be used in electrical applications, circuit board masking and masking for anodizing processes. This product is ideal for a variety of applications because clean up can be finished as soon as the tape is removed. It releases easily and does not leave residual traces of adhesive on surfaces; it releases cleanly.

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