Polyester Film features haze levels of 0.4%.

Press Release Summary:

Lumirror® U50, available in thicknesses from 47 to 200 Gauge, provides consistent surface finish and clear base. It reduces high angle sun haze, and does not have chemical surface slip treatment, which can increase scratches and interfere with subsequent processing. Film is not prone to static issues, pitting/pimpling, or uneven unwind and rewind.

Original Press Release:

Toray's New Low Haze Lumirror(R) U50 Improves End-Product Quality Through Ease of Handling & High Optical Clarity

North Kingstown, RI - Lumirror® U50 (US patent pending), a new ultra clear polyester film from Toray Plastics (America), Inc., combines haze levels of 0.4% with ease of handling, and high optical clarity. Available in thicknesses from 47 to 200
Gauge (.5 to 2 mil) Lumirror® U50 enables higher productivity and a better quality finishled product compared to competitive films.

Lumirror® U50 benefits from Toray's proprietary multi-layer extrusion technology, which provides a consistent surface finish and an ultra clear base with excellent handling. Lumirror® U50 actually becomes "clearer" after processing. The minimal haze present is largely surface haze which "disappears" when the film is coated or laminated. A very tangible benefit is the significant reduction of high angle sun haze, a factor in many solar applications. Lumirror® U50 does not have a chemical
surface slip treatment, which can increase scratches and interfere with subsequent processing.

Other low haze polyester films are prone to static issues, scratches, pitting/pimpling, uneven unwind & rewind, and poor roll formation, which makes them very difficult to handle and impairs the quality of the finished product. In contrast, Lumirror® U50 benefits from Toray's exclusive manufacturing process, which resolves these issues while maintaining superior roll formation and handling. This simplifies the converting process, and improves productivity and end product quality.

Lumirror® U50 is ideal for applications in solar, medical, automotive, metalization, tape and printing markets. Lumirror® U50 is one of a family of high clarity, easy handling products, including U60 and U70. All Toray polyester films are produced under clean room conditions guaranteeing films free of scratches and micro-oil spots. Toray Plastics (America), Inc. is ISO 9002 certified.

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