Polycast Vibratory Feeder Bowls offer a new approach to feeding parts to automatic assembly and inspection stations.

Offered as an option to conventional stainless steel vibratory bowls, Polycast parts feeder bowls provide for longer production life and the flexibility of utilizing pre-designed tooling that can be interchanged within a matter of minutes. Sound reduction is another consideration. These cast bowls, molded from a blend of polymers, are designed to perform the same rigorous functions as custom tooled stainless steel bowls at significantly less cost.

Neal Graham, President of Vibromatic Company, states that "We made the decision to develop this product as a result of customer demand. Our customer base expressed their need for a cost effective vibratory bowl that would meet sound level requirements along with offering quick change tooling and off-the-shelf availability, so quickly met their needs."

For more information on this cost effective parts feeder bowl, go to: http://vibromatic.net/polycastbowls2.html

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