Poly-Ash Siding combines durability and wood aesthetics.

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Available in nominal 6, 8, and 10 in. widths, Boral TruExterior™ Siding Craftsman Collection™ recreates aesthetics of conventional redwood, pine, and cedar siding while resisting associated issues of rotting, cupping, twisting, and raised grain. Profiles, comprised of coal combustion products (fly ash) and polymer blend, are optimized for workability, durability, and dimensional stability. Construction is suitable for ground contact, resistant to moisture, and impervious to termites.

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Boral Launches Boral TruExterior(TM) Siding Craftsman Collection(TM) Creating a New Siding Category

New collection offers variety of full-thickness profiles with bold, defined shapes, and a poly-ash composition

ROSWELL, Ga. -- Addressing a gap in the siding market, Boral introduces the new Boral TruExterior((TM)) Siding Craftsman Collection((TM)).  As the first poly-ash siding product, the Craftsman Collection((TM)) offers an array of full-thickness profiles with bold, defined shapes uniquely coupled with the low maintenance and simple installation synonymous with other Boral TruExterior(®) products.

"We are very excited to offer the market a unique siding solution by continuing to expand our innovative poly-ash technology platform," stated Russell Hill, Boral's Global Chief Technology Officer. "We have applied a lot of science and design to produce a product that will meet our customer's needs for performance, aesthetics and sustainability. We are very optimistic about the future for this platform."

Boasting superior workability, durability, and dimensional stability, the Boral TruExterior((TM)) Siding Craftsman Collection((TM)) includes five high-performing profiles designed to recreate the classic look traditionally associated with wood products. An alternative to conventional redwood, pine, and cedar siding options, the Boral TruExterior((TM)) Siding Craftsman Collection((TM)) satisfies the marketplace's strong demand for a workable option while resisting the issues which consistently plague wood-based siding products (including rotting, cupping, twisting and raised grain).

Available in nominal six-, eight- and 10-inch widths, the profiles found in the new Craftsman Collection(TM) include:

--  Shiplap: Edge-matched for a tight joint appearance.

--  V-Rustic: Its deep "V" groove creates an appealing shadow line effect.

--  Cove/Dutch Lap: The subtle, curved profile creates a unique eased appearance.

--  Channel: Features a wide groove that creates a rich shadow line effect.

--  Channel Bevel: Channel-style joint with an angled edge.

Boral TruExterior((TM)) Siding is the first poly-ash siding product, comprised of coal combustion products (fly ash) and a proprietary polymer blend, and boasts a high level of sustainability with a minimum of 70 percent recycled content. Suitable for ground contact, Boral TruExterior((TM)) Siding is highly resistant to moisture. Boral TruExterior((TM)) Siding products can be installed using traditional woodworking tools and methods and there is no need for back priming, or to prime or seal end cuts. The product comes primed and may be painted any color. And unlike wood, there is no need to leave a gap between courses and no sap or tannins to bleed. Impervious to termites, Boral TruExterior((TM)) Siding also includes a 20-year limited warranty.

"Boral TruExterior((TM) )Siding is the only manmade product to offer such a realistic profile  - with the look of wood, but without the concerns surrounding moisture and upkeep associated with wood based products," said Tom Zimmerman, Director of Sales and Marketing.  "The introduction of Boral TruExterior((TM)) Siding breaks new ground with a poly-ash offering that outperforms other siding options in the marketplace. The Craftsman Collection((TM)) takes our offering to the next level by delivering authentic aesthetic options with the renowned high-performance characteristics inherent in our Boral TruExterior(®) Trim product line."

About Boral TruExterior(® )Trim

Named one of the "101 Best New Products" by Professional Builder and Professional Remodeler magazines, Boral TruExterior(®) Trim is manufactured by Boral Composites Inc., which is headquartered in Roswell, Georgia and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Boral USA. Boral Composites Inc. is a manufacturer of sustainable exterior building products, which reside in the poly-ash category.

About Boral USA

Headquartered in Roswell, Georgia, Boral USA, through its subsidiaries, is a leading manufacturer in the building material industry.  Boral USA's subsidiaries include Boral Bricks, the top manufacturer of brick in the United States; Boral Roofing, the nation's leading manufacturer of clay and concrete roof tiles; Boral Stone Products LLC, manufacturer of Cultured Stone(® )by Boral(®), a leading brand of manufactured stone veneer, and Boral Material Technologies LLC, a leading marketer of coal combustion byproducts.


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