Pole-Wound Servomotors offer torques from 0.18-53 Nm.

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Series AM3000 Synchronous Servomotors feature sealed windings and are available with 7 flange sizes. Housings, made from single piece of metal, produce no negative impact on stability through material transitions that increase thermal resistance. Rotatable plug connectors for power and feedback facilitate machine wiring. Pressed bearings prevent axial motion of shaft. Tight tolerances result in symmetrical structure inside motor, minimizing cogging.

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Pole-wound Servomotors With Increased Stability

New AM3000 motor range expands Beckhoff drive technology

MINNEAPOLIS, August 25, 2004 -- The new AM3000 Synchronous Servomotor series from Beckhoff Automation expands the company's drive motor range with a compact, high-performance variant. Pole-wound motors feature a significantly higher proportion of "active" copper, which determines the torque, making the performance of the AM3000 series approximately 25-35 percent higher than earlier models. Additionally, the motors are significantly shorter than conventional models.

The AM3000 Synchronous Servomotors are characterized by extremely low moment of inertia of the rotor, robust design and high overload capacity. The winding is sealed, further increasing mechanical resilience in case of vibrations or other interference. The housings of the AM3000 motor series are made from a single piece of metal, resulting in no negative impact on the stability of the complete motor through material transitions that increase thermal resistance.

The AM3000 Synchronous Servomotors are available with seven different flange sizes. The motors are offered with torques between 0.18 and 53 Nm and with a wide range of nominal speeds so that for each application and gear ratio, the motor with the optimum dimensions can be selected.

AM3000 Synchronous Servomotor Properties
- Rotable plug connectors for power and feedback that can freely rotate, making machine wiring easier
- Pressed bearings to prevent axial motion of the shaft
- Tight tolerances result in a highly symmetrical structure inside the motor, decreasing cogging to an absolute minimum
- Feedback option (similar to the AM2000 series) provides a resolver and single-turn and multi-turn absolute encoders
- The motors are available with an optional smooth shaft or with groove and feather key

The Beckhoff drive technology product range is optimized for PC-based control technology. Industrial PCs from Beckhoff with TwinCAT software are ideally equipped for single and multiple axis positioning tasks with high dynamic requirements. The complete drive technology solution from Beckhoff consists of: AX2000 and AX2500 series Digital Compact Servo Drives, AM2000 Synchronous Servomotors and AL2000 series Linear Servomotors. New winding technology in the new AM3000 motor series provides a real alternative to the proven AM2000 series. The stator of the AM3000 model is not wound outside the housing but inside through a needle winder.

Beckhoff Automation provides advanced, open automation products based upon proven technologies so that customers can implement high performance control systems faster and at a lower overall cost than traditional PLC and Motion Control systems. Beckhoff's "New Automation Technology" Product range includes PC based Control, Industrial PC's, Automation Controllers, Operator Interface, I/O, Servo Drives, and Motors. With representation in 50 countries, Beckhoff is well positioned to provide global sales & service to its customers. Sales and service is handled directly, no intermediates involved, to provide faster response and easier communications.

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