Polax-2L Semi-Automatic Polarimeter

The Polax-2L (manually-operating meter with digital indicator) is widely used in the sugar, pharmaceutical, chemical, perfume and educational industries. The Polax-2L can accurately measure the angle of rotation (or the value in the international standard sugar scale) by simple operation.

  • Measurement range: Angle of rotation +180° to -179.95°
  • International standard sugar scale +130°Z to -130°Z
  • Minimum unit displayed: Angle of rotation 0.05°
  • International standard sugar scale 0.1°Z
  • Measurement accuracy: Angle of rotation ±0.10°
  • Measurement temp. range: 5 to 40°C
  • Light source: LED with interference filter (589nm)
  • Operation switches

    R (+) = Right rotation switch: Rotates the analyzer slowly to the right (in the slow mode)

    L (-) = Left rotation switch: Rotates the analyzer slowly to the left (in the slow mode)

    temp = Shift/Temp switch: Pressing this switch simultaneously with either + switch or the - switch will provide a faster
    rotation (in the shift mode). *When this switch is pressed for 2 seconds or more, the
    temperature of the sample chamber appears on the display panel (until the switch is released
    from pressing).
  • Power supply: 110V or 220V (Specify)
  • Power consumption: 40VA
  • Dimensions and weight: 43x22x30cm, 11.5kg

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