POL DC/DC Converters deliver 28 Amps.

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Series LEN non-isolated, point-of-load DC/DC converters accept 12 V ±15% input and convert it to lower voltage from 0.8-3.3 V at 28 A or 5 V at 25 A. Two-phase, fixed-frequency, buck-regulator design enables them to simultaneously deliver 85-96% efficiency, 100 µsec step response, and operating temperature to +70°C without derating. E-brick package is offered in both standard through-hole and SMT versions. Units are lead-free and include I/O protection.

Original Press Release:

The First, Eighth-Brick, POL DC/DC's Deliver 28 Amps

Non-isolated, Point-of-Load Converters Boast 85-96% Efficiencies and "Buck-an-Amp" Prices... Help Intermediate Bus Architecture Gain Respect

DATEL's New LEN Series
o Standard E-brick form factor
o New non-isolated E-brick pinout
o Inputs: 12 Volts ±15% (10.2V to 13.8V range)
o Outputs: 0.8, 1, 1.2, 1.5, 1.8, 2, 2.5, 3.3V @ 28 Amps 5V @ 25 Amps
o 2-phase buck topology; 320kHz fixed frequency clock
o Full "usable power" to +70°C
o Standard through-hole or new SMT packaging
o Lead-free construction
o Lead-free solder attach to mother boards
o UL/EN/IEC60950 approved; EMC compliant
o Order on-line at www.datel.com

IBA Chickens or Eggs
The new intermediate bus architecture (IBA) clearly brings cost savings and performance improvements to multi-voltage, high-current, on-board power systems. An effective IBA implementation, however, requires using new bus converters and POL's (point-of-load converters) that probably have been on the market for less than a year. Many designers are reluctant to do that. Consequently, the IBA has entered the "chicken-or-the-egg" stage of its development/deployment. Its proliferation and widespread acceptance have been slowed by the lack of affordable, multi-sourced, building blocks, and many power supply manufacturers are reluctant to develop products for which there are not yet clear standards nor clear market opportunities.

This is not the case for DATEL. We are wholeheartedly committed to the success of the IBA. We are surging forward with new product development-and the establishment of industry standards- in support of it.

The First POL Bricks
DATEL's new LEN Series are the first high-current POL bricks. These are non-isolated DC/DC converters that accept a 12V ±15% input (presumably from an on-board intermediate bus) and convert it to any lower voltage from 0.8V to 3.3V (@ 28 Amps) or 5V (@ 25 Amps).

LEN's use a 2-phase, fixed-frequency (320kHz), buck-regulator design that enables them to simultaneously deliver high efficiency (85% for 0.8VOUT to 96% for 5VOUT), low-noise (20-30mVp-p), quick step response (100µsec), and wide operating temperature range (to +70°C without derating).

New Standard Eighth-Bricks
The LEN Series uses the well established eighth-brick (E-brick) form factor (2.3" x 0.9" x 0.46", 58 x 23 x 11.7mm) and the newly established, non-isolated, eighth-brick pinout (see data sheet). The soon-to-be-multi-sourced pinout doubles (from 2 to 4) the number of Output and Return pins. This interdigitated approach effectively halves losses due to pin resistance and inductance and facilitates output filtering. The new E-brick package is offered in both standard through-hole and new SMT versions.

SMT Package Has Heat Shield
Surface-mount ("M") models of LEN's employ a high-temp, plastic lead frame to maintain coplanarity (to within 0.004 inches) and also to support the unit's heat shield. The heat shield (which is removed and recycled or discarded after assembly) establishes 50°C differential between the ULQ's SMT components and the hot circulating air of a reflow oven. Consequently, the ULQ "M's"-which are assembled using high-temp (+220°C) lead-free solder-can be attached to a user's board with the same lead-free solder without altering reflow temperature profiles.

Lead-Free Construction
LEN Series DC/DC converters fall under the DATEL Lead-Free Initiative. This program eliminates all lead from our pcb's and from our assembly and pinning processes. The LEN's pc boards are finished with electroless nickel/immersion gold (ENIG). The package pins for both through-hole and SMT models are tin-plated copper. All units are assembled in DATEL's facility using high-temperature lead-free alloys.

I/O Protection
LEN's offer the full complement of I/O protection including input overvoltage shutdown and undervoltage lockout. Output-side protection includes current limiting, short-circuit protection, overvoltage protection (a rarity on non-isolated units), as well as thermal shutdown. Additionally, each model has a VOUT Trim pin, an On/Off Control function, and an output Sense pin.

Price and Delivery!
In small quantities, LEN Series Non-Isolated DC/DC's are priced at $45 (USA) each. (Comparable 30A isolated eighth bricks are priced in the $60's.) In OEM quantities (10k pieces), LEN's are priced at $29 each. Free sample/evaluation units (for qualified OEM's) and/or pre-production quantities (<25 pieces) are immediately available from stock. Production quantities require 6-8 weeks.

Order @ Web Site
DATEL, Inc. pioneered e-commerce capabilities for DC/DC converters at our web site at www.datel.com. Small quantities of LEN Series DC/DC converters (or free sample/evaluation units) can be ordered directly from the site using credit cards.

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