Pogo Linux and Nexenta Systems Deliver StorageDirector Z-series: High- Performance and Power-Efficient NAS and iSCSI Storage Solution Based on AMD Processor Technology

New storage appliance uses ZFS-based NexentaStor and Dual-Core AMD Opteron(TM) processors to provide high-performance, power-efficient storage solutions

PALO ALTO, Calif., Oct. 23 // - Nexenta Systems and Pogo Linux introduced the StorageDirector Z-series at Storage Networking World. This new offering combines Pogo Linux' many years of experience building and deploying high-performance and power-efficient AMD Opteron(TM) processor-based storage systems with the rich features and management ease of the OpenSolaris and ZFS- based NexentaStor Enterprise Edition. The resulting Z-series appliance is designed for enterprise storage users looking for an integrated solution based on industry-standard hardware and software, without the high cost of proprietary lock-in.

AMD Opteron processors were chosen for breakthrough performance-per-watt and AMD's unique Direct Connect Architecture, whereby processors, memory controllers, and I/O all connect directly to the CPUs and can communicate at CPU speeds. This architecture provides maximum I/O throughput for even the most demanding storage and network workloads.

The StorageDirector Z-series, based on Nexenta's simple-to-use ZFS-based NexentaStor software, takes full advantage of multi-core processors thanks to the multi-core operating system, OpenSolaris. NexentaStor's Enterprise-level capabilities include unlimited snap-shots and file system sizes, inherent thin provisioning (to save time and capital expenditures), and end-to-end data integrity to eliminate the risk of silent data corruption.

"Using the AMD Opteron processor platform, we can eliminate I/O bottlenecks while reducing the energy footprint of the storage appliance," said Erik Logan, President and CTO of Pogo Linux. "These advantages, combined with the easy-to-use NexentaStor Enterprise Edition, make the StorageDirector appliance a great value for cost conscious storage deployments."

"We are very happy to be working with PogoLinux and Nexenta Systems to help provide enterprise storage customers with this high-value new system," said Dave Jessel, Storage Segment Manager, Embedded Computing Solutions Division, AMD. "By bringing together technologies that are well suited for the storage networking environment and making full use of AMD's multi-core processors with strong performance, scalability and energy efficiency, PogoLinux and NexentaStor have produced a strong, integrated enterprise class storage system."

"Our research indicates that organizations are going to store nearly 12,000 petabytes of information on scale-out Networked Attached Storage platforms during the next four years" said Brian Babineau, a Senior Analyst with Enterprise Strategy Group. "AMD, Pogo Linux, and Nexenta are on the cutting edge of meeting these demands working together to provide customers with an integrated solution - the Storage Director Z-series - that leverages industry standard hardware and software solutions. The future of storage systems is features that take advantage of processor enhancements and capabilities that make it simple for customers to store, manage and protect large quantities of file system data."

The StorageDirector Z-series is available for immediate purchase at www.pogolinux.com/ and 1 (888) 828-POGO (7646).

About Pogo Linux

Founded in 1999, Pogo Linux, Inc. is a workstation, server, and storage vendor based in Seattle, Washington. With a multi-OS focus and in-house technical expertise, the company is dedicated to providing affordable, reliable, and energy efficient Linux, Solaris, and Windows-based systems. For more information about Pogo Linux, please visit: www.pogolinux.com/ or call: 1 (888) 828-POGO (7646).

About Nexenta Systems, Inc.

Founded in 2005 and privately held, Nexenta Systems, Inc., has developed NexentaStor(TM), the leading open storage enterprise class storage solution and sponsors the Nexenta OS, an open source operating system that combines the high performance and reliability of OpenSolaris with the ease of use and breadth of applications of Linux. Both solutions leverage the revolutionary file system ZFS. More information about Nexenta Systems, Inc., can be found at www.nexenta.com/ or call: (877) 862-7770.

Source: Nexenta Systems, Inc.

CONTACT: Evan Powell of Nexenta Systems, +1-415-377-9812, info@nexenta.com; or Tim Lee of Pogo Linux, +1-206-753-2224, tim.l@pogolinux.com

Web site: www.nexenta.com/


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