Pocket Weather Station has jackknife design.

Press Release Summary:

With Model WS3000, users can monitor wind speed, humidity, temperature, and barometric pressure from anywhere. Pocket size meter features jackknife design that prevents hand's heat or moisture from affecting environmental sensors. Severe Weather Alarm alerts user if storm is approaching, causing barometric pressure to rise or fall 6 millibars over 3 hours. Operating on 400-hr Lithium battery, Model WS3000 has tripod fitting, is water-resistant, and floats.

Original Press Release:

Pocket Weather Station Model Number WS3000

The NEW! Wahl WS3000 Pocket Weather Station allows you to track weather in the palm of your hand! This pocket size meter allows you to monitor the weather anytime, anywhere - giving you readings specific to your exact location.

The jackknife design gives you the most accurate measurements, preventing your hand's heat or moisture from affecting the environmental sensors. The Severe Weather Alarm alerts you if a storm is approaching, causing the barometric pressure to rise or fall 6 millibars over 3-hrs. The humidity sensor and barometer can also be easily re-calibrated.

The Pocket Weather Station has a tripod fitting, is water resistant, and floats. The 400 hour battery life makes it a reliable tool for measuring wind speed, humidity and barometric pressure wherever you may be.

Call 1-800-421-2853 or e-mail us for specific availability.

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o Current Windspeed / Maximum Windspeed

o 10-second Average

o Current Temperature / Relative Humidity and Dewpoint

o Altitude / Current Barometric Pressure

o 16-hour Pressure Graph

o Severe Weather Audio Alarm (if the barometric pressure falls or rises 6 millibars over a three-hour period)

o Temperature/Wind Chill/Heat Index

o Relative Humidity, Barometer and Altimeter functions can be recalibrated, if required.

o Water Resistant to 4" / Floats

o Replaceable Impeller

o Threaded for Tripod mounting

o Includes: replaceable 400 hour Lithium Battery, Lanyard, User Manual, and Voltage Input numbers

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