Pocket-Sized Digital Pyrometer operates in sub-zero temperatures.

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Able to operate in outside temperatures as low as -30°C, Pocket-Probe Extended Range Pyrometer is designed for such industries as utilities and gas. Lexan window is available for use in food and pharmaceutical industries, and thermocouple support covers types K, J, T, and E. Also available, Options Package includes Peak Hold Memory and Peak Hold Reset functions as well as magnetic mounting. Calibration Certificates are available upon request.

Original Press Release:

New Pocket-Probe Digital Extended Range Pyrometer!

Get Extreme Performance in Blistering Hot & Frigid Cold!

Our continuous improvements in standards of design and operation have resulted in the newest addition to the Digital Pocket-Probe Pyrometer line - the Pocket-Probe Extended Range Pyrometer, capable of operating in sub-zero temperatures!

Some pyrometer manufacturers warn against their instruments being used in cold weather, but with EDL's Pocket-Probe Extended Range Pyrometer it is encouraged.  Smooth functioning is guaranteed in outside temperatures as low as -30° C!

With a standard pyrometer, cold temperatures will have a dramatic impact on performance - displays will not operate correctly, the unit will be sluggish, and response times will be slow.  Our Pocket-Probe Extended Range Pyrometer offers the ultimate in performance in even the most cold, unforgiving environments.

Designed specifically for industries that must operate in cold temperatures, such as the utilities & gas industry, this pyrometer removes all of the aggravation and cost of lost production associated with non-functioning instruments.

The unit is available with a Lexan window for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Available in thermocouple types K, J, T, or E

The Options Package includes Peak Hold Memory, Peak Hold Reset, and Magnetic Mounting.

Calibration Certificates are available upon request.

EDL even offers an unconditional 5 year warranty.

Established in 1943, EDL is a leading American manufacturer of temperature products, calibrators, and calibration services.  Located in Danville, VA, EDL provides quality temperature measurement equipment to companies around the world.

With a commitment to superior materials, production standards, and customer service, trust EDL for all of your temperature measurement requirements.

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