Pocket Sized Coating Thickness Measurement

The FISCHER MP0R pocket instruments have PC-interface for convenient and fast coating thickness measurement on virtually all metals. This economic instrument accurately and conveniently displays the coating thickness readings on two LCD displays: on a large front panel display and a top panel display. The operator can easily read the measurement data immediately, independent of the measurement position, even when measuring overhead. It features an ergonomic design with an integrated constant pressure probe allowing easy one hand operation. It also has statistical functions for evaluation of a measurement series according to many standards.

With the Fischer DataCenter software included in the delivery, measurement data can be transferred to a PC and evaluated easily and quickly. Customized inspection reports can be created, printed and archived.

PERMASCOPE® MP0R is ideal for measuring non-magnetic coatings on magnetic substrates. (magnetic induction method)

ISOSCOPE® MP0R is ideal for measuring non-conductive coatings on non-magnetic substrate metals. (eddy current method)

DUALSCOPE® MP0R has automatic selection of the measuring method (magnetic induction or eddy current) corresponding to the substrate material.

· non-ferrous metal coatings (e.g. chromium, copper, zinc etc.) on steel and iron.

· paint, lacquer and synthetic coatings on steel and iron
· electrically non-conductive coatings on non-ferrous metals such as paint,
lacquer, synthetics on aluminum, copper, brass, zinc and stainless steel

· anodized coatings on aluminum

FISCHER is recognized as a world leading producer of high quality, high precision instruments for coating thickness measurement, material analysis and material testing. There is a FISCHER solution for every industrial measuring application.

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