PneumaticPlus Air Preparation and Cleaning Equipment

PneumaticPlus air preparation & cleaning equipment provides clean, dry air necessary to achieve the optimal performance for your pneumatic system. Our innovative technology allows the separation of impurities such as moisture, oil, and other foreign particles from compressed air. We offer many variations and sizes to accommodate any application.

PneumaticPlus offers a complete line consisting of the following:

• Filters, Regulators, & Lubricators

• Modular Air Preparation Units

• Filter/Regulator Piggyback Units

• Mist, Micro Mist, & Water Separators

Available Features:

Port Sizes – 1/4” to 2”

Filters – Particulate 10 micron / Coalescing 0.3/0,01 micron

Bowls – Polycarbonate Bowl / Metal Bowl w/ sight glass

Drains – Manual Drain / Auto Drain

Options – Differential Pressure Indicator

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