Pneumatic Weapon Release Systems Production Going Strong at Marotta

Farnborough, England (July 20, 2010) - Marotta Controls reports today that demand continues to be strong for its M-PACT high pressure pneumatic weapon release technology as it crosses yet another major milestone - with the delivery of over 5,000 Pneumatic Firing Valves for the US Air Force Small Diameter Bomb (SDB) program.

The Small Diameter Bomb is ejected from its smart weapons carriage using Marotta's M-PACT pneumatic weapon release system firing valve rather than conventional pyrotechnic ejection methods. Pneumatic weapon release systems are cleaner and safer than their pyrotechnic predecessors, require less maintenance, have a smaller logistics footprint, and can be recharged instead of thrown away, thereby reducing costs while contributing to a more reliable and sustainable capability.

With today's economy forcing all branches of the armed services to tighten their budgets, programs are under pressure to increase performance while squeezing more value out of existing and emerging platforms. As a result, they are turning to next-generation technologies such as Marotta's M-PACT pneumatic firing valves and systems (valve, compressor and controller) to achieve increased efficiencies, reduce costs and improve protection of valuable bomb racks and launchers.

"We have seen a positive response to pneumatic weapon release technology by worldwide militaries over the years, and there is significant pressure on weapons carriage manufacturers to incorporate high-pressure pneumatics into their next-generation racks and launchers," said Michael Leahan, vice president and chief sales officer of Marotta. "For years we've been in full rate production with thousands of units and systems successfully produced on-time and on-budget. Weapons carriage manufacturers can confidently choose our proven M-PACT pneumatic release technologies for integration into their carriage systems."

Marotta is dedicated to the advancement of high-pressure pneumatic technology to meet the evolving needs of the warfighter and has equipped its facility with state-of-the-art autonomous lean manufacturing cells designed specifically for the manufacture, assembly and testing of these specialty high pressure pneumatic systems. Full rate production has been ongoing and on schedule at Marotta since 2005.

"Our customers have shown their satisfaction with our products and performance by selecting Marotta consistently over our competitors on mission critical applications," said Leahan. "We've already received three additional orders this year, and we are poised to keep pace with these robust production demands."

About Marotta Controls
Marotta is a contributor to today's most significant military, marine, commercial aerospace and space programs. Marotta offers a wide range of systems, products and services in market sectors including Electronic Control Systems, Pneumatic Weapon Ejection Systems, IR Missile Seeker Cooling Systems, High Pressure Pure Air Generation Systems, Surface and Undersea Warfare Systems, and Intelligent Composite Systems.

Contact: Tara Castorina, Marotta Controls, Inc. 1.862.222.6442

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