Pneumatic Tube System features customizable design.

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Constructed of stainless steel, M2 Elite Drive-Thru Pneumatic Tube System features vandal-resistant door and switches, built-in blower pack, and auto close feature on customer door. Customers can choose from systems with 1-way video, 2-way video, or audio only, and video systems can have 4 x 7 in. or 10.4 in. LCD screens. Available with 7, 10, or 12 in. truck base, systems accommodate low speed blower and defrosting units to adapt to local climates.

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Eagle Pneumatic, Inc Announces New Customizable Pneumatic Tube System

The new M2 Elite Drive-Thru Pneumatic Tube System from Eagle Pneumatic, Inc., offers innovative standard features and a unique group of components that allows customers to configure their own systems.

The M2 Elite has a streamlined design that allows for narrower islands. The durable stainless steel construction and vandal-resistant door and switches make these systems a great investment. Other standard features include a built-in blower pack in the customer unit and an auto close feature on the customer door.

The most intriguing aspect of the M2 Elite is the wide variety of customizable options. Customers can choose from systems with one-way video, two-way video or audio only, and video systems can have 4" x 7" or 10.4" LCD screens. Carriers come either side- or end-opening, and in a variety of colors. On the teller side, the door can have manual or automatic operation.

The system can also be adapted to local climates. A low speed blower can be added to reduce condensation. 30 and 80 watt defrosting units are also available. The physical layout can be configured for either overhead or underground installations. Truck bases come in three sizes - 7", 10" or 12". Customers can even choose between buying basic components to upgrade existing systems, or buying a complete installation kit for a turn-key solution. Finally, the system can be completely personalized by inserting the company logo into the customer unit. The wide variety of options makes the Eagle Pneumatic M2 Elite the world's most versatile pneumatic tube delivery system.

For more information, contact Patrick Evans at 1-863-644-4870 x223, or visit the Eagle Pneumatic website at

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