Pneumatic Linear Actuators fit in tight spaces.

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Measuring 0.813 in. high, Series AGMS provides load-carrying capacity of 3-28 lb. Mini-slide has T-slot bearing design, hard anodized aluminum base, and Ampco 18 aluminum bronze carriage. Standard mounting holes on slide carriage and endplate facilitate attachment of mechanism being moved. Stroke adjustments and locks are standard on end of extend and retract of stroke. Actuators come in .5 and .75 in. bore sizes with .5, 1.0, 1.5, and 2.0 in. strokes.

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Miniature Pneumatic Linear Actuator Fits Tight Spaces

The AGMS compact air cylinder offer a high performance solution for linear motion applications that require short strokes coupled with compact boundary dimensions and high loading capability. The compact size of this pneumatic miniature linear actuator is ideal for use in tight spaces needing large payloads.

New AGMS series mini-linear actuators from AGI provide a load-carrying capacity of 3 to 28 lbs. yet the total height of the assembly is only 0.813 inches, making this one of the smallest commercially available pneumatic linear actuator.

This precision mini-slide has a T-slot bearing design that is supported the full length of the body to carry heavy loads. AGMS straight-line design offers High moment load and high accuracy in a compact lightweight package. It features a lightweight aluminum base that is hard anodized and a carriage made from Ampco 18 aluminum-bronze. Standard mounting holes on the slide carriage and endplate make it easy to attach the mechanism being moved and the unit's base offers four holes for mounting. Stroke adjustments and locks are standard on end of extend and retract of stroke.

The Mini-Linear Actuator is part of a new product line that offers flexible configurations. The Pneumatically actuated mini slides have two bore sizes .5 and also a .75 inch available in .5, 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 inch strokes. Optional switch kits allow the use of inductive proximity switches for easy interfacing to electrical controls.

AGI supplies a complete range of sophisticated automation products that include, parallel grippers, rotary actuators, thrusters, linear actuator slides, mini slides, tool changers, overload devices. Available in imperial and metric versions for flexibility of design for a world market.

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