Pneumatic Conveyor provides accurate, continuous operation.

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RotoFeed® incorporates volumetric or gravimetric feeder, provides accuracy of ±0.5% by weight, and conveys up to 1,650 ft. Feed rate change capability with 300 weighments/sec ensures rapid response to process variations. Most powder and granular products are handled directly into pressurized environments to 300 psi, with feed rates up to 100 tons/hr. System handles variety of products with total moisture content in excess of 10% and temperatures to 300°F.

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RotoFeed® Continuous High-Accuracy Pneumatic Dosing System Offers High Operating Performance and Reliable Design

MILFORD, OH (January 17, 2003) - The RotoFeed® from Clyde Materials Handling, a unique single unit continuous pneumatic conveying system, incorporating a volumetric or gravimetric feeder, features minimal moving parts for low maintenance, and accuracy of ±0.5% by weight over a wide conveying range. The system offers high accuracy loss-in-weight control and its high phase densities allow the lowest possible material conveying speeds consistent with smooth product delivery.

The RotoFeed can be used for conveying up to 1,650 feet, and its vessels and systems can be designed for explosion containments to NFPA codes. A fast feed rate change capability with 300 weighments per second ensures rapid response to process variations. Pressure fluctuations do not affect feed rates, and the system offers a high material-to-air ratio.

Most powder and granular products, including toxic and difficult-to-convey materials, are handled directly into pressurized enviromnents (to 300 psi), with feed rates up to 100 tons per hour provided through small diameter pipes. The system handles a wide variety of products with total moisture content in excess of 10% and temperatures to 300°F.

The RotoFeed's low maintenance design, which includes the Spheri Valve(TM) - one of the system's main moving parts is far more wear- and leak-resistant than traditional rotary valves, even when operating high pressure.

The RotoFeed system also features smooth pulsation free-flow at all feed rates. A 10:1 turndown capability is standard. It can serve a number of injection points simultaneously through multi-way flow splitters or by including multiple RotoFeeders on a single assembly. The system will work in most hostile environments, and its modular construction eases maintenance and reduces costs. It also offers low power consumption and controllable flow rates.

A wide range of RotoFeed models are available, customized to suit a wide variety of process needs. The systems are well suited for continuous process injection for a wide range of industries, such as cement, metals, minerals, plastics, and power.

Clyde Materials Handling is a market-leading manufacturer of systems for bulk materials handling, including DensPhase(TM) and RotoFeed(TM) pneumatic conveying systems, ancillary materials handling equipment such as the Spheri Valve(TM) bulk materials cut-off valve, and a variety of routing valve styles. The company serves a global market in the food. pharmaceutical, metals, minerals, chemical, agriculture, aggregates, ports and petrochemical industries.

For more information or to request a brochure about the RotoFeed system contact Graham Cooper, Clyde Materials Handling. 1002 Ford Circle, Unit A, Milford, OH 45150 USA, (513) 576-9200, Fax (513) 576-9300, or e-mail:

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