Pneumatic Cleaning Gun utilizes vortex technology.

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Suited for elimination of stains and use in difficult to approach areas, CYCLONE® series Z-020 combines high-speed rotating vortex with atomized liquid particles to simultaneously dissolve surface stains and power away dirt. Featuring 4,000 rpm rotation speed, gun will clean without damaging car paint. It incorporates sealed ball bearings, has all-metal body, and consumes only air and detergent.

Original Press Release:

3ST Launches New Generation Pneumatic Cleaning Gun Z-020

The cleaning tool, ideal for rapid elimination of stubborn stains and those areas difficult to approach, generates wild whirlwinds like tornado that sweeps aside everything with tremendous force.

(Keelung, Taiwan) Patented Z-010 high pressure vortex cleaning gun has been the favorite of consumers, but unfortunately there are also a lot of unreliable counterfeit goods on the market. Comfortably, this means that Z-010, for those who have problems with car-clean, it is a revolutionary product to the market.

The original intention we developed Z-010 is that if car-clean has become a routine, why not let this job be easier and more enjoyable? From now on, with our patented pneumatic cleaning gun, car-clean issues are able to be resolved so easily within a very short time.

It differs from traditional spray guns and blow guns. Spray gun is to and can only spray cleaner on surfaces where you wish to clean; and blow gun can only be used to blow away the dust, cannot remove other more stubborn stains. Patented Z-010 combines with high-speed rotating vortex and atomized liquid particles. Atomized liquid particles dissolve surface stains and high-pressure rotating air at the same time turns the dirt away.

We are pleased to bring you our brand new CYCLONE® series state-of-the-art patented pneumatic cleaning gun Z-020. We preserve the advantages of last generation, and improve it shortcomings. More powerful cleaning without damaging your car painting, rotation speed up to at least 4000rpm with sealed ball bearings, low noise in operation and long life, easy for placement with a hook, all-metal body. It takes full advantage of every drop of your detergent, saving your every nickel and dime. Z-020 high pressure vortex cleaning gun simply consuming air and detergent as the media, so it will minimize the consumption rate of supplies; moreover, we also offer brush set to meet all customer's various kinds of cleaning needs.

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