Pneumatic Assembly Tool Control has error-proofing ability.

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Smart Torq(TM) Error-Proofer learns correct fastener installation characteristics, monitors entire assembly process, and controls final torque. It identifies variations such as differences in workpiece characteristics, fasteners, or assembly tool performance and detects and identifies cross-threading, premature shut-off, re-hits, cam-outs, missed fasteners, and incorrect torque. Supplied with Relay I/O and RS232 port, controller accommodates up to 8 parameter sets.

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New Device Provides True Error-Proofing Ability for Most Pneumatic Assembly Tools

Learns Correct Fastener Installation Characteristics, Monitors Assembly Process and Controls Final Torque

CLEVELAND, OH-July 25, 2003-A new controller for pneumatic assembly tools has been announced by ASG, a division of Jergens, Inc., 15700 S. Waterloo Rd., Cleveland, OHI 44110 o Telephone (216) 486-6163 o Fax (216) 481-4519 o E-mail: o Web: Inquiries should be directed to Mike Starik.

The new ASG Smart Torq(TM) Error-Proofer is the first controller for pneumatic assembly tools to monitor the entire fastening process and control final torque. When coupled with most existing pneumatic tools (screwdriver, nut runner, pulse tool or impact tool), it provides levels of control and error-proofing to the assembly process that were unattainable with previously existing technology.

The Smart Torq Error-Proofer automatically learns an assembly's fastener installation characteristics. Once this information has been learned, the device monitors the fastening event by comparing learned characteristics to those experienced while the fastener is installed. By monitoring the event versus just controlling torque, the Smart Torq Error-Proofer catches problems during the process. Variations of any type are identified, including differences in workpiece characteristics, fasteners or assembly tool performance. Additionally, the device monitors the number of fasteners installed. The Smart Torq detects and identifies cross-threading, premature shut-off, re-hits, cam-outs, and missed fasteners as well as incorrect torque...conditions which can remain undetected with controllers or assembly tools which solely monitor installed torque.

The Smart Torq controller provides true error-proofing capability. Relay I/O is standard, providing good, bad, and batch complete signals for interfacing with station controllers and PLCs. An RS232 port is provided for accessories and time and date stamped data output.

The Smart Torq Error-Proofer does not require the purchase of new tools. It is compatible with most major brands of industrial pneumatic assembly tools, regardless of drive shape or size. It does not require a shut-off tool or a signal port while controlling to 10% 6sigma accuracy.

The Smart Torq Error-Proofer can extend the flexibility of existing assembly tools. Because the controller accommodates up to eight parameter sets allowing different torques, counts and application set-ups, a single air tool can be set to perform numerous applications using its full torque range. Even broader torque ranges are possible by a simple switch of tools.

Optional network-ready hardware using industry standard protocol such as DeviceNet(TM) and Ethernet(TM) are available. Custom network interfaces can be configured for specific applications.

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