PMC Parallel-TTL Card features 64 independent digital I/O.

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Supporting internal FIFOs and DMA, PMC Parallel-TTL Card is PCI and PMC compliant IEEE 1386. All channels are readable as inputs regardless of transmit enable programming, and all I/O channels can be used as interrupt generator, programmable for Change of State operation. I/O is routed through FPGA device to allow for custom applications that require hardware intervention or specific timing. External clock, PCI clock, or oscillator can be selected for reference on COS operation.

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Dynamic Engineering Releases PMC Parallel TTL Packed With 64 TTL IO in 1 Card

The Mezzanine Products Solution Center - (Santa Cruz, CA)

Does your system require single ended TTL or CMOS level signals? The PMC Parallel-TTL card is the hardware for you. This card is easy to use, readily available and cost effective. Packed with features and functionality, the PMC Parallel TTL is an excellent use of precious PMC slot resources. The TTL card has 64 independently programmable digital IO. The PMC Parallel TTL supports internal FIFO´s and DMA - just add a state-machine for your interface, and the hardware will provide much more than a simple parallel interface. All channels are readable as inputs regardless of the transmit enable programming, and all IO channels can be used as interrupt generators programmable to be based on either or both edges for Change of State operation. An external clock, PCI clock, or oscillator can be selected for the reference on the COS operation.

The PMC Parallel TTL is available with many ordering options, including IO port, IO Voltage and Extended Temperature options.

o Compatibility: PCI and PMC compliant IEEE 1386. Develop with the PCI to PMC adapter
o Speed: The PMC-Parallel-TTL is a software controlled HW interface. As fast as the PCI interface can push the data across, the outputs can change. With the Windows® driver several accesses per microsecond can be achieved. Your time to market will be shortened by the easy to use interface, flexibility in design, and off-the-shelf availability. With DMA enabled and FIFO´s instantiated even faster transfers can occur.
o Software Interface: 32 bit registers mapped to the 64 IO channels. Read-back of channel control registers and input registers. Read-write of control registers for card configuration.
o Ease of Use: Easy to use. A point and shoot user interface to the IO. Downloadable manual. Engineering kit provides a great starting point for users. 64 bits of user defined IO.
o Parallel Interface: 64 independent channels. The pull-ups can be referenced to 3.3V or 5V
o Interrupts: All IO Channels can be programmed to cause interrupts. Each channel is programmable to be masked, rising, falling, both. Interrupts are mapped to INTA on PCI bus.
o Protection: All IO Channels have optional transorb protection. Isolation resistors can have 0 or current limiting values installed.
o Clocks COS: Input registers are programmable to capture data with the COS clk. SW can select PCI, external or Osc. as the clock source. A programmable divider [12 bit] allows a wide range of selectable sampling frequencies.
o FPGA: All bits are routed through the FPGA to allow for custom state-machine implementations.
o IO Interface: Isolated front and rear IO. The IO is available for system connection both through the front panel and via the rear [Pn4] connector. All IO is routed through the FPGA device to allow for custom applications that require hardware intervention or specific timing.
o Price: Low integration cost for a low system cost. PIM & Carriers available for cost savings in cPCI environments.
o Availability: Send in your order and in most cases have your hardware the next day - delivered to you via FedEx.
o Warranty: 1 year standard warranty. Extended warranty option(s) available.

Need customized features? Email you requirement's to

Dynamic Engineering has a multitude of solutions covering different architectures and mezzanine types. With most architectures you have a choice with carriers for cPCI, PCI, VME, PCI-104, and other buses for both PMC and IP mezzanine modules. Usually your choice is based on other system constraints as both the PMC and IP can provide the IO you require. Dynamic Engineering is an expert with mezzanine modules and can assist in your decision-making regarding architecture and other trade-offs. Dynamic Engineering has carriers for IP and PMC modules for most architectures, and is continually adding more based on customer requests.

Dynamic Engineering 150 DuBois St #3 Santa Cruz, CA 95060 831-457-8891 Fax 831-457-4793

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