PMC Module is based on PowerPC architecture.

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Designed around PowerPC® MPC7447A processor, Model IC-e6-PMCa offers speeds to 1.5 GHz, 512 MB DDR333-ECC SDRAM, and 64 MB Flash EPROM. It includes 3 Giga Ethernet channels, 2 multi-purpose serial controllers, backup SRAM, RTC, temperature sensor, and JTAG/COP interface for probe debugging. Optional SODIMM socket on PMC back side allows expandable SDRAM capability. On-board firmware enables Power-on Built In Test booting and remote software downloading over Ethernet.

Original Press Release:

Interface Concept Unveils New Low Power e600 PowerPC Processor-Based PrPMC

Briec-de-l'Odet, France, February 2005 -- Interface Concept unveils its new high performance, low power PrPMC module, IC-e6-PMCa, at Embedded World 2005 Show in Nuremberg, Germany. The IC-e6-PMCa is designed around Freescale's PowerPC® e600 processor and is Interface Concept's solution for addressing the computing and design demands of markets such as defense, medical, transport, and telecommunications.

"Leveraging the MPC7447A PowerPC processor today with support for MPC7448 as it hits the market, Interface Concept is able to provide ideal PMC solutions based on the PowerPC® architecture, which reinforces their position as a leading designer in the Freescale Design Alliance program," said Pierre Bernoux, Distribution Marketing Director at Freescale Semiconductor. "We're excited to extend our relationship with Interface Concept through their new commitment to the Freescale PowerPC processors based on the e600 core, from their long-standing involvement in Freescale's PowerQUICC (TM) processor-based board designs."

Interface Concept enhances its PowerPC processor-based PrPMC/VME64x-2eSST/cPCI product range with the introduction of the IC-e6-PMCa Processor PMC module. This mezzanine board, designed around the Freescale MPC7447A with support for the Freescale PowerPC product roadmap moving forward, offers speed options up to 1.5GHz today, DDR333-ECC SDRAM up to 512Mbytes and Flash EPROM of 64Mbytes. An optional SODIMM socket on PMC back side allows expandable SDRAM capability.

The MPC7447A and MPC7448 PowerPC processors and accompanying Marvell® Discovery(TM) III chipset (MV64460) have been chosen for their flexibility and performance. The MPC7448 is expected to exceed 1.5GHz processing performance with even better performance with applications optimized for AltiVec(TM) technology. The MV64460 indeed, adds 2Mbytes of high speed SRAM, two XOR DMA (useful for RAID, ISCSI applications) and four IDMA engines.

As for peripheral functions, the IC-e6-PMCa features three Giga Ethernet channels, two multi-purpose serial controllers, backup SRAM, RTC, temperature sensor and a JTAG/COP interface for probe debugging.

Conformal coating and extended temperature versions are available.

The IC-e6-PMCa currently supports VxWorks® and Linux®. On-board comprehensive firmware enables Power-on Built In Test booting and remote software downloading over Ethernet.

The IC-e6-PMCa is designed to meet the needs of high-end performance processing required by PowerPC-based applications, such as real time computers, storage devices, routers, web switches, wireless infrastructures, image processing, and many others.

Customers looking for an enhanced processor module for their PowerPC® solution can take advantage of the IC-e6-PMCa's performance. Moreover, the combination of the MPC7448 and the Discovery(TM) III will allow them to integrate the IC-e6-PMCa into their existing system providing backward compatibility while preserving their investment.

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Interface Concept is a leading European manufacturer of processors (SBC), Ethernet switches and communications boards offering an expanded range of COTS products to defense, medical, transport and telecommunication industries.

This comprehensive range of COTS networking products includes:
o 3U and 6U PowerPC- and PowerQUICC(TM) processor-based SBC boards,
o Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet switches (up to 26 ports),
o PowerPC processor- and PowerQUICC processor-based intelligent Ethernet interface controllers
o Synchronous/asynchronous serial communication platforms.

The product range is available on PrPMC / PMC, VME, CompactPCI, and PCI platforms and supports several operating systems including VxWorks® and Linux®.

For over 15 years, Interface Concept has been supplying innovative, high performance real-time solutions based on the latest market industrial standards and technologies.

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