Plunging Joints boost vehicle torque ratings.

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Located in vehicle gearbox, GI-3 constant velocity tripod plunging joints transmit power from gearbox to sideshafts and accommodate length and angle changes in sideshafts due to steering and suspension movements. Suited for all vehicle segments, units provide optimized roller and track dimensions, optimized lubrication properties, and optional roller retention feature.

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GKN Driveline Launches New Generation GI-3 Plunging Joint

AUBURN HILLS, Mich. - GKN Driveline has developed a new generation of GI-3 tripod plunging joints designed to boost vehicle torque ratings.

Located in the vehicle gearbox, the new torque-management device represents the third generation of GKN's tripod-plunging-joint product family and is lighter and more compact than any competitive product on the market. GI-3 technology also increases torque ratings for both comparable or smaller GKN or competitive products.

The GI-3 constant velocity joint (CVJ) transmits power from gearbox to sideshafts and easily accommodates length and angle changes in sideshafts due to steering and suspension movements.

"GI-3 technology has been critical in helping to solve vehicle packaging problems," said Al Deane, engineering director, GKN Driveline Driveshafts Group. "It allows vehicle manufacturers to meet restrictive packaging requirements commonly found on vehicle platforms with multiple powertrains."

The new technology incorporates "smart design" features such as:
An optimized tripod design,
Optimized roller and track dimensions,
Improved lubrication properties, and
An optional roller retention feature.

The new GI-3 plunging joint is suited for all vehicle segments and offers, at minimum, an eight percent reduction in package size and a nine percent reduction in weight, while providing uncompromised performance. The technology meets OEM needs to achieve ever smaller powertrain packages.

The GI-3 joint is debuting in Europe on the Renault Master van. Further applications have been scheduled with OEMs in Europe, Japan and the United States.

GKN Driveline, the world leader in automotive driveline components and systems, has significantly extended its service to the industry in recent years with a host of advanced technology drivetrain assemblies from sideshafts to electronically controlled torque-management products.

GKN Driveline is one of the world's leading suppliers of vehicle driveline products and systems and has a commanding 42 percent share of the market for CVJ sideshafts. The company is a global enterprise headquartered in the United Kingdom. It recorded total sales of $3.8 billion in 2004. GKN Driveline has grown steadily and continuously through organic growth and acquisitions throughout the world. The company currently has 21,000 people working at 49 locations in 31 countries.

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