Plug-In PCI-X Board offers GZIP compression/decompression.

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With data rates up to 3.0 Gbps, Model AHA362-PCIX adds GZIP compression and decompression to data networking streams. It supports open standard compression algorithm and uses hardware compression ICs. Operating at 133 MHz, board offers Linux reference drivers with source code and supports 64-bit OS, 2.4/2.6 Linux kernel, SMP and Hyperthreading, and 32-bit/64-bit Linux kernel. It accepts any data type including HTML, JavaScript, XML, Office documents, PDF, and PowerPoint.

Original Press Release:

Comtech AHA Announces 3.0 Gbps GZIP Compression/Decompression Accelerator

AHA362-PCIX offers high-speed GZIP compression and decompression

Moscow, ID - April 20, 2005 - Comtech AHA Corporation (Comtech AHA), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Comtech Telecommunications Corp. (NASDAQ:CMTL), announces the availability of its AHA362-PCIX GZIP board. This PCI-X plug-in card adds GZIP compression and decompression to data networking streams and supports data rates up to 3.0 gigabits per second. The AHA362-PCIX is the second board in Comtech AHA's newest line of GZIP compression products. The AHA361-PCIX compression-only board was released in February 2004 and supports data throughputs of 2.4 Gbps.

Comtech AHA's AHA362-PCIX is the only GZIP compression/decompression solution available that offers the high speed performance required by networking and storage systems today. Software compression solutions require dedicated processor resources and do not achieve the necessary throughput required for many systems. Target markets for the AHA362-PCIX include SAN servers, Virtual Tape Emulation backup and recovery systems, point-to-point communication link servers and SSL accelerators. The AHA362-PCIX GZIP board will improve speed and performance for nearly any system requiring both compression and decompression.

"We are excited to introduce the AHA362-PCIX GZIP compression board," said Bill Thomson, president of Comtech AHA. "Our first GZIP board, the AHA361-PCIX, has been generating significant interest, especially in the load balance and web server markets, but did not fit for some other markets that require a full duplex solution. We recognized the need for a compression/decompression board and quickly worked to create a solution that will benefit customers in those markets which include storage area networking (SAN) and virtual tape emulation."

The AHA362-PCIX board supports the open standard compression algorithm (GZIP/Deflate) and uses patented hardware compression integrated circuits. Uncompressed data is sent to the board via the PCI-X edge card interface, compressed, and the output is transferred back to the host over the same PCI-X interface. Decompression follows the same path as the compression data path, except that the input compressed data is decompressed to its original state. The AHA362-PCIX board is field re-programmable, enabling simple firmware updates.

The AHA362-PCIX operates at 133 MHz and offers 64-bit OS support, Linux reference drivers with source code, 2.4/2.6 Linux kernel support, SMP and Hyperthreading support, and 32-bit/64-bit Linux kernel support. The AHA362-PCIX GZIP board can accept any data type including HTML, JavaScript, XML, Office documents, Executables (.exe), Cascade Style Sheets (CSS), PDF documents and PowerPoint presentations.

Pricing and Availability
Pricing starts at $950 per unit with quantity discounts available for larger volumes. Contact AHA by telephone at 208-892-5600 or via e-mail at for lead-times on production quantities.

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Comtech AHA Corporation develops and markets application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs), boards, and intellectual property core technology for communications systems architects worldwide. Comtech AHA provides flexible, cost-effective solutions for today's growing bandwidth and reliability challenges. Located in Moscow, Idaho, Comtech AHA has been setting the standard in Forward Error Correction and Lossless Data Compression technology for more than a decade and offers a variety of standard and custom IC solutions for the data communications industry. Comtech AHA Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Comtech Telecommunications Corp. (NASDAQ:CMTL). For more information, visit

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