Plug-In for Adobe Acrobat enhances print shop workflow.

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SmartApps(TM) PitStop Pro lets wide format print shops dealing with incoming PDF files to move to dependable PDF workflow regardless of file source. Wide-format PDF preflight, auto-correction, and editing solution checks all aspects of files to create certified print consistency. Plug-in automatically detects file issues such as missing/bad fonts and missing bleed and also provides tools to edit PDF files from inside Adobe® Acrobat® without damaging integrity of original.

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ONYX Graphics Announces SmartApps PitStop Pro Plug-in for Adobe Acrobat Software

Wide-format PDF preflight, auto-correction and editing tool

SALT LAKE CITY -- ONYX Graphics, Inc. today introduced the SmartApps(TM) PitStop Pro plug-in for Adobe® Acrobat® software, which gives users the ability to optimize their productivity by eliminating the time-consuming steps typically taken when client PDF files contain color or font issues.

"Wide format print shops struggle with incoming PDF files that have originated from a variety of sources," explains Danielle Mattiussi, ONYX Director of Product Marketing. "The new SmartApps PitStop Pro plug-in gives them the ability to move to a dependable PDF workflow, regardless of the file source. SmartApps PitStop Pro plug-in is a wide format PDF preflighting solution that catches many specific trouble areas and problems and provides quick solutions, so print shops will no longer have to waste valuable prepress and production time managing this lack of predictability around issues such as transparencies, color or other print related issues."

Design applications can create uncertainty in print production due to special effects such as drop shadows, spot colors and fonts. Client files that must be made print-ready by the print shop add time and cost to any given print job - time that can't always be billed back to the client.

Key features

The SmartApps PitStop Pro plug-in helps fix troublesome client PDF files quickly and efficiently without ever leaving Adobe Acrobat software. Key features are:

-- In seconds, the plug-in checks all aspects of wide format PDF files to create certified print consistency.

-- Includes a wide format-specific preflight checklist that creates a reliable "digital master" so PDF files print correctly, with the highest quality and optimal printing performance.

-- Automatically highlights spot color and color management issues and provides quick options for correction.

-- Automatically detects file issues such as missing or bad fonts, missing bleed and more.

-- Includes tools to quickly edit PDF files from inside Adobe Acrobat software without damaging the integrity of the original file.

-- Action Lists that enable automation of many tedious changes to multiple PDF files, such as color conversions and adding finishing marks.

Increases productivity and reduces waste

The SmartApps PitStop Pro plug-in gives wide format print shops the ability to quickly review and resolve PDF issues and establish a predictable PDF workflow. Users can quickly eliminate PDF color and file issues before printing, reducing costly reprints. The plug-in also offers peace-of-mind as print shops no longer need to be concerned about the quality of incoming client PDF files, or waste time by unnecessarily preflighting incoming files.

SmartApps: RIP-independent and platform-friendly

The SmartApps PitStop Pro plug-in is the second in the new SmartApps toolset that cut production time and costs by optimizing workflow using existing design applications. Designed to help those who prepare files for wide format printing, SmartApps plug-ins are application specific, operating system independent (can be used on Macintosh® or Windows® platforms), easy to use and affordably priced. They are complementary to any wide format RIP software - ONYX® RIP software is not required to use the plug-ins.


The SmartApps PitStop Pro plug-In is expected to be available as a 30-day, full-version trial and for purchase by December 2011. For more information, visit smartappsplugins.compitstoppro.

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