Plug-In Dimmer is wireless and battery-free.

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Eliminating need to cut hole in wall and run wire to new switch location for dimming control installation, wireless plug-in dimmer E8R-D12GP-1 can communicate with self-powered and wireless light switches, and can be installed and configured in less than 5 min. As light switch operates independently from batteries and wires, it can be mounted anywhere on walls within range of dimmer receiver.

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New Plug-In Dimmer Controlled Independently from Batteries and Wires

Orem, UT (USA) May 9, 2007 -- Ad Hoc Electronics, the leading provider of self-powered wireless solutions, announced today the release of its wireless Plug-in Dimmer (p/n: E8R-D12GP-1). The plug-in dimmer is the only of its kind because it can communicate with self-powered and wireless light switches. This development greatly simplifies the installation of plug-in dimming control. To add dimming control to an existing lamp, simply plug the wireless dimmer into the wall and then plug the lamp into the dimmer. Because the light switch operates independently from batteries and wires, it can be mounted anywhere on walls within range of the dimmer receiver.

Before now, home and business owners requiring dimming control would have to wire both the light switch and the power outlet using traditional methods. To install dimming control, an electrician would have cut a hole in the wall and run wire to a new switch location. This step is completely averted when using Ad Hoc Electronics' plug-in dimmer.

Unlike the dimmers that communicate with wired light switches, this dimmer can be installed and configured in less than 5 minutes. No electrical expertise is needed for the installation. Martin Johnson, an RF engineer at Ad Hoc Electronics, states, "The great thing about our wireless and battery-free products is that installers do not have to run new wires or install any switch boxes. Electricians, home and businesses owners benefit from advanced lighting control without taking on the hassles previously built-in to the installation process".

There is no other product on the market today that is wireless, battery-free and has the ability to dim a light without running any wires or installing a switch box. The battery-free and wireless technology embedded inside the Plug-in Dimmer was developed by a German company called EnOcean. EnOcean's business model is based upon finding environmentally-friendly ways to create energy. "We are impressed with Ad Hoc Electronics' ability to integrate our technology into their products. Their innovative ideas are improving the lighting control industry," said Jim O'Callaghan, a Vice President at EnOcean.

Many wireless lighting control products exist, but only a few can create their own energy. The wireless light switches available through Ad Hoc Electronics use an advanced technology that is found no where else. A magnetic flux technology is embedded inside the switch. This technology creates wireless transmission output from the minute mechanical electricity that is generated from pressing the switch. The magnetic flux technology is the successor to another technology called Piezo.

The Plug-in Dimmer Kit found on Ad Hoc Electronics' website ( includes one Plug-in Dimmer and one Decorator Style wireless and battery-free light switch. The Decorator Style switch looks exactly like a standard Decora switch that is found in homes and buildings all over the country. This makes it easy to have wireless and wired switches exist in the same environment.

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Ad Hoc Electronics is a system integrator and distributor of wireless data products, providing companies with the products and expertise they need to add wireless capability to their own systems and devices. The company integrates and distributes industry-leading products to provide OEMs with turnkey wireless solutions for applications in sensor, controls and monitoring markets. For more information regarding Ad Hoc products and services, visit, write to or call (801) 225-2226.

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EnOcean's groundbreaking technology enables wireless sensors and switches to operate without batteries or external power sources. These self-powered modules convert energy from light, push-buttons, vibration, or temperature gradients into useable electrical energy. The company's advanced power management architecture enables the operation of sensors and radios off miniscule amounts of available energy. End products are employed in a diverse range of market segments: building automation, industrial manufacturing, security, and automotive. Headquartered in Oberhaching, near Munich, EnOcean GmbH was founded in 2001 as a spin-off from Siemens AG. For more information regarding EnOcean product, visit

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