Plug Fan provides 125,000 cfm capacity.

Press Release Summary:

Offered in Sizes 18 through 60, ECF Plug Fan utilizes ECF-9 airfoil wheel to optimize flexibility, helping users select correct unit for specific application requirements. Class 2 and 3 models are available with pressure to 13 in. SP and temperature capabilities to 200, 450, 800, and 1,000°F. Accessories/options include 316 and 347 stainless steel construction, inlet guard, shaft/bearing guard, belt guard, integral inlet cone assembly, and ceramic felt shaft seal.

Original Press Release:

Plug Fans Now Available With ECF Wheels

Nyb is pleased to announce the addition of the ECF Plug Fan. This new product utilizes nyb’s ECF-9 airfoil wheel to enhance the Plug Fan’s flexibility, making it easier to select the correct Plug Fan for specific application requirements. Similar to the AcF Plug Fan, it is available in Sizes 18 through 60 and temperatures to 1000 deg. F.  

Additional ECF design features/specifications include:

• Sizes 18-60

• Class 2 and 3  

• Flows to 125,000 CFM

• Pressure to 13” SP

• Temperature capabilities to: 200°F, 450°F, 800°F and 1000°F (insulated and un-insulated design)

• Accessories:

- 316 SST and 347 SST Construction

- Inlet Guard

- Shaft/Bearing Guard

- Belt Guard

- Integral Inlet Cone Assembly  


- Ceramic Felt Shaft Seal 

- Narrow Width Construction

In addition, nyb has broadened the scope of the Size 20 Plug Fan by adding Class 3 and 4 configurations. It is available with AcF, PLR and the new ECF-9 wheels.


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