Plug-and-Play Tool accelerates instrument development.

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Applying PbS and PbSe detector technologies, Position Detection Prototype Kit accelerates prototyping and product development for position or flash detection instruments. Kit consists of 2 lead salt detectors, which provide sensitivity of 1.510 Jones across 1.0–5.5 µm IR region, positioned at 90° angles to each other to maximize overlapping fields of view and optimize triangulation of position of target IR signal. Circuitry, integrated electronics, and supporting software are included.

Original Press Release:

New Plug-and-Play Position Detection Prototype Kit from Cal Sensors Significantly Speeds Time-to-Market for Instrument Development

SANTA ROSA, CA — Cal Sensors ( announces the launch of a new Position Detection Prototype Kit, a plug-and-play tool designed to dramatically accelerate prototyping and product development for position or flash detection instruments. Applying PbS and PbSe detector technologies, the Position Detection Prototype Kit shortens time-to-market by allowing engineers to focus on the challenges of their instrument’s design, quickly validating detector viability and providing proof of concept.

Building upon the industry-leading speed and sensitivity of the PbS and PbSe detector technologies, the kit provides enhanced field of view and new tools for signal characterization and analysis.

Prototype Kit Components & Applications

The kit consists of two lead salt detectors that provide market-leading sensitivity of 1.5E10 Jones across the 1.0 to 5.5 µm infrared region. The detectors are positioned at 90° angles to each other to maximize the overlapping fields of view and optimize the triangulation of the position of the target infrared signal.

The prototype kit contains all the circuitry and integrated electronics necessary to drive the detectors, as well as the supporting software.  Both hardware and software are highly customizable to meet the varied requirements of different applications.

The new Position Detection Prototype Kit is well-suited for the development of position and flash detection instruments. This kit can potentially capture the infrared signals from fires or flames, hotspots (from overheating equipment) or muzzle flashes up to 150 meters away.

Key Features

Position Detection

Incident location is radially displayed in terms of range and position, similar to a radar screen.  The high response speed of the detectors (up to 10x higher than alternative optical technologies) facilitate an almost instantaneous capture of an infrared radiation event.

Signal Characterization

In addition to repeatable, fast detection of incident location, the Position Detection Prototype Kit’s software is designed to provide valuable information on the characteristics of the infrared radiation. Data on signal amplitude, duration and peak location are all captured for subsequent analysis.  This provides the means to potentially differentiate and identify different radiation sources.  For example, different firearms can be identified based on the signal characteristics of their muzzle flash.

Enhanced Field of View

The standard Position Detection Prototype Kit  provides over 20% greater field of view than an individual detector. Multiple systems can be combined to expand the field of view both horizontally or vertically.  For example, two system mounted on a horizontal plane can cover over 210°. Up to four systems can be combined to maximize the field of view for a specific application.

Cal Sensors presented the new Position Detector Prototype Kit at booth 5027 of the SPIE-sponsored Photonics West exhibit held February 4-6, 2014 in San Francisco, California.  Lead time for Position Detector Prototype kits will vary between 12 to 20 weeks dependent on technology complexity.

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In North America, contact Cal Sensor’s Sales Department, 5460 Skylane Blvd., Santa Rosa, CA 95403, USA.  Phone:  +1 (707) 303-3837.  FAX:  +1 (707) 545-5113.  E-mail: Web:

Cal Sensors also works with distributors in Austria, Belgium, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. For contact information – please visit

About Cal Sensors

Cal Sensors, an ITW company, has been a leading manufacturer of standard and customized photoconductive (PbS and PbSe) infrared detectors, arrays, and broadband emitters for over 20 years.

Cal Sensors detectors provide superior sensitivity over the 1-5.5 micron wavelengths. Detector configurations include single element, multi-channel, and arrays. Detector technologies include features such as optional spectral filters, optical condensers, thermoelectric coolers, temperature sensors and integrated drive electronics.

Cal Sensors emitters support steady-state or high-pulse rates over the visible to mid-infrared spectrums.  Low cost, with high emissivity, reliability and lifetime, Cal Sensors emitters are designed to optimize performance in infrared detection systems.

Manufactured and packaged in Santa Rosa, California and distributed worldwide, Cal Sensors products are offered in standard or custom packages. Common applications include: imaging, spectroscopy, medical, automotive emissions, gas and moisture analysis, temperature measurement, flame detection and combustion control.

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