Pleated Filter Bag features integral venturi.

Press Release Summary:

Snap-in Mikro-Pleat V Series, with full diameter venturi, provides optimized pulsing and minimal pressure drop. Venturi facilitates pulse capture from worn or mis-aligned nozzles and maximizes induced air. Four different attachment styles of pleated bags are available.

Original Press Release:

New Pleated Filter Bag With Integral Venturi

MikroPul has introduced the first snap-in pleated bag with an integral venturi. Venturis have long been recognized as necessary for optimum performance in pulse-jet baghouses. Until now, the benefits provided by venturis have not been available for top removal snap-in pleated bags.

The Mikro-Pleat V Series' full diameter venturi provides two important benefits: 1) Optimized pulsing-the venturi enhances pulse capture from worn or mis-aligned nozzles, and increases induced air. 2) Less pressure drop-filtered air flows more smoothly, reducing pressure drop across the orifice.

MikroPul offers four different attachment styles of pleated bags, and all of them incorporate a venturi. Pleated bags provide many benefits over conventional bags, including increased filter area, longer life, faster changeouts, and less frequent pulsing.

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