PLC-on-a-Chip is programmable in Basic and Ladder Logic.

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CUBLOC(TM) embeddable, multi-tasking processor allows implementation of complex math, graphic LCD, and data communication protocols. It simultaneously executes Basic and Ladder Logic, and resulting data may be shared. Along with 49 I/O ports and 8 channels of 10-bit A/D, it features up to six 16-bit PWM outputs and 80 KB Flash memory. CUBLOC is suited for development of industrial machines, factory temperature controllers, packing machines, and robots.

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New Industrial Controller Offers LadderLogic/Basic Programmability

Pittsford, NY: CUBLOC(TM) is a new embeddable multi-tasking processor which is programmable in both Basic and Ladder Logic, allowing fast control, complex math, graphic LCD, data communication protocols to be easily implemented. Ladder Logic, offers real-time sequential processing and Basic supplies the number-crunching power. Basic and Ladder Logic are simultaneously executed in the multi-tasking CUBLOC(TM), and resulting data may be shared. Both the real-time processing powers of a MODBUS PLC and the 32-bit floating-point math, graphic capabilities, and communication powers of BASIC are now available in one chip!

CUBLOC(TM) is a PLC-on-a-chip that provides a fast processing speed, up to 49 I/O ports, 8 channels of 10-bit A/D, up to 6 x 16-bit PWM outputs, 80KB Flash Program memory so you can develop industrial machines, factory temperature controllers, packing machines, robots, embedded control, and more!

Additional, CUBLOC(TM) fills in a PLCs Ladder Logic weakness by adding a simultaneous powerful interpreted Basic language capability, with multi-tasking features, with real-time precision processing accuracy. Ladder Logic is useful for is its parallel, logic-oriented ability to process inputs within a guaranteed time-slot.

CUBLOC(TM) is an "On-Chip" PLC, programmed from a Windows XP, 2000, or 98 PC. Using an optional XPORT internet module, TCP or UDP packets can be monitored through the internet from anywhere, allowing users to update or provide customer service for products located anywhere in the world.

CUBLOC(TM) is available in three versions: CB220 ($34 24-pin DIP with 16 I/O, 8-ch 10-bit A/D, 3-ch 16 bit PWM); CB280 ($43 64-pin module with 49 I/O, 8-ch 10-bit A/D, 6-ch 16-bit PWM); CB290 ($69 108-pin module with 91 I/O, 28KB data memory, 8-ch 10-bit A/D, 6-ch 16-bit PWM). Starter Kits with development boards are available from $99 each. All from stock at Saelig Co. Inc. Pittsford, NY 14534 1-888-7SAELIG

More: Alan Lowne, 585-385-1750 o fax 585-385-1768 Saelig Company, Inc.,
1160-D2 Pittsford-Victor Rd. Pittsford, NY 14534 USA.

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