Platform provides VoIP network reliability solution.

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Capable of combining 2 or more WAN connections, EdgeVoIP Traffic Manager® re-routes VoIP traffic in event of WAN outage. It provides VoIP load balancing among network connections, automatically partitions network bandwidth based on administrative preferences, assigns priority to VoIP traffic over web, email, and other non-critical applications, and offers continuous monitoring of VoIP traffic including usage patterns and full SLA statistics.

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XRoads Networks, Inc. Announces the Launch of Its New EdgeVoIP Traffic Manager® Product Line at VoiceCon 2006

IRVINE, Calif., Aug. 17 // -- As Voice over IP takes off, so do the potential pitfalls of the technology, including network failures and poor performance due to non-critical applications stealing network resources. The EdgeVoIP Traffic Manager® is the first purpose built product designed to address these issues.

The EdgeVoIP platform provides a complete VoIP network reliability solution to ensure 24/7/365 network connectivity and includes bandwidth partitioning and VoIP prioritization features that ensure other applications do not steal resources from VoIP applications.

The EdgeVoIP can multihome two or more WAN (wide-area network) connections from diverse service providers and thus re-route VoIP traffic in the event of a WAN outage.

This easy to implement solution also provides transparent bridging so that it may be inserted into any existing network infrastructure without changing any existing IP addressing information. Further, the EdgeVoIP employs a simple web-based interface which can be configured within minutes and supports a variety of WAN connections.

With their architecture based on XRoads Networks' long running leadership in multi-WAN networking the EdgeVoIP appliances are especially equipped to handle VoIP reliability.

EdgeVoIP capabilities include:
o VoIP Network Reliability -- The ability to combine multiple WAN
links to ensure VoIP network reliability.
o VoIP WAN Load Balancing -- Provides VoIP load balancing among two
or more network connections providing more bandwidth for resilient
o VoIP Bandwidth Guarantees -- Automatically partitions network
bandwidth based on administrative preferences to ensure VoIP QoS.
o VoIP Application Prioritization -- Assigns priority to VoIP
traffic over web, email, and other non-critical applications.
o VoIP (SLA) Performance Monitoring -- Provides continuous
monitoring of VoIP traffic, including usage patterns, and full SLA

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"The EdgeVoIP platform is truly the first complete VoIP network reliability device. Designed for the central and branch office, this product line provides peace of mind to those organizations taking the leap to VoIP." Daren French, XRoads Networks.

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