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Media Operations Management System (MOMS) offers technology framework and roadmap to address manner in which media is planned, purchased, measured, reported, and optimized. Holistic advertising platform, designed in collaboration with Microsoft Advertising, empowers agencies and clients with media strategy and creativity. Fully compliant with industry standards, solution helps manage complexity of real-time, hyper-targeted, accountable, cross-media environment.

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Mediabrands Engineers Future-State Platform Architecture Media Operations Management System (M.O.M.S) in Collaboration with Microsoft

Technology Driven Approach Reinvents Media Process

NEW YORK, June 23 -- Mediabrands today announces the first holistic advertising platform, the Media Operations Management System (M.O.M.S), a comprehensive technology framework and roadmap, designed in collaboration with Microsoft Advertising, to empower Mediabrands' agencies and clients with high-value media strategy and creativity. Intended to re-invent the way media is planned, purchased, measured, reported and optimized, Mediabrands' M.O.M.S is powered by Microsoft Corp.'s unique ability to develop software to automate complexity and build custom applications.

For the past six months, Mediabrands and Microsoft have worked together to design a system, fully compliant with industry standards, to manage the complexity of the real-time, hyper-targeted, deeply accountable, cross-media environment. Mediabrands and Microsoft's teamwork resulted in a roadmap and framework for a future-state, technology-enabled approach. In addition to developing the system, M.O.M.S will also be activated across Microsoft's marketing processes in the U.S. and plans for global implementation are being developed. M.O.M.S is an accessible solution for all Mediabrands agencies including UM, Initiative, its Specialty Service Groups (and their respective clients). Mediabrands plans to introduce M.O.M.S to clients and roll out the system in key markets outside the U.S. by the end of 2009.

"The marketplace is in constant evolution, however, the marketing industry is the last shared service to be optimized by technology. Advertisers deserve greater levels of transparency, efficiency and accountability across their media campaigns to ensure advertising dollars deliver a greater return and that the effectiveness of their strategy is maximized. Timing is critical. The agency that embraces evolving models will position itself at the strategic forefront of industry change and stands to be rewarded with a distinct and significant competitive advantage," stated Quentin George, Chief Digital Officer, Mediabrands. "We must constantly challenge ourselves to work more efficiently and eliminate manual and redundant tasks, so we can put a greater emphasis on innovation. By uniting our unique perspectives, Mediabrands and Microsoft designed M.O.M.S, so we can fixate on value-add creative, strategic and analytical services to drive maximization and optimization in our clients' campaign results."

"We're focused on creating technology that companies like Mediabrands can use to customize their offerings for their business and on behalf of their clients," said Scott Howe, corporate vice president of the Advertiser & Publisher Solutions Group at Microsoft. "We both recognize that the marketing industry is struggling with increasing fragmentation and complexity, which can make it hard for agencies to focus on creativity and storytelling. We think our technology can help solve this problem. Across all media types, the campaign workflow needs to be standardized and further enabled by data-driven and technology-based solutions. Mediabrands' M.O.M.S is a streamlined and automated enterprise-level system that better facilitates the end-to-end campaign lifecycle and allows agencies to deliver greater results for their clients."

Mediabrands is committed to bringing innovation to its technology enablement offering to further strengthen its media management process. M.O.M.S is a move towards a technology-as-a-service model, across traditional and emerging media contact points. Across the globe, Mediabrands' technology strategists operate in complete unison with its digital experts to constantly deliver state-of-the-art technology solutions to further enhance its offerings in global data infrastructure, business intelligence and media management tools. Using Microsoft technology, Mediabrands can work with additional client-specific data repositories to fuel marketing campaigns. M.O.M.S also powers custom applications such as Mediabrands' Cadreon Audience Marketplace. In addition to providing premier marketing services, M.O.M.S also expands Mediabrands' ability to serve its clients as business and strategy consultants.

The following are key business drivers and goals for M.O.M.S

-- Operational Efficiency
-- Improved Outcomes & Accountability
-- Data-Driven Decisioning
-- Media Intelligence & Advanced Analytics
-- Audience-Based Media Planning
-- Workflow Management
-- Transparency
-- Data Governance
-- Consistency and Standards Across the Enterprise
-- Automated Campaign Optimization
-- Support for Marketplace and Auction-Based Pricing Models
-- Automation
-- Scalability
-- Breaking of Tradition and Pioneering of New Ideas

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