PlateCrane EX360(TM) Offered by Terra Universal

Fullerton, CA – Automate the lab’s liquid handling operations using PlateCrane EX360 from Hudson Robotics, available on The cylindrical robot arm is compatible with SBS footprint media including microplates, reservoirs and disposable tip racks (with and without lids). The instrument integrates with over 200 readers, washes and reagent dispensers.

The EX360 has unlimited arm rotation when picking and placing microplates. Stacking is easy, and can be configured with the on-board controls. Use the software to schedule and interface with other liquid handling instruments and sample processing equipment such as incubators, random-access stackers and bar-code labelers. The PlateCrane can serve multiple instruments simultaneously.

PlateCrane EX360 has a capacity of 450 microplates; programming workcells using the software is easy and saves time. Additional plates can easily be added to existing protocols. The small-footprint liquid handler has a maximum vertical arm reach of 22.75” and a maximum horizontal arm reach of 18”., a Terra Universal brand, offers hundreds of top-tier laboratory instruments and supplies. Learn more about the PlateCrane EX360 Liquid Handler from Hudson Robotics by visiting

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