Plateable Plastic offers design options in luxury packaging.

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Delrin® Decorating Solutions System consists of molding resins, ethching solution, coatings, and application technology. It delivers aesthetics of painted or metal-plated plastics with functional attributes of Delrin® acetal resins, such as resistance to alcohol and most other perfume and cosmetic ingredients. Paintable, plateable Delrin® can be molded to make parts with integral hinge, replacing 2- or 3-piece casings made of other materials.

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Paintable, Plateable Delrin® Opens Up New Design Options in Luxury Packaging

WILMINGTON, DEL., June 11, 2003 - New DuPont(TM) Delrin® Decorating Solutions give package designers more ways to combine the look of luxury with high functionality in cosmetic closures and containers. Making its debut at the Luxe Pack New York exhibition, the new breakthrough technology delivers the high-fashion aesthetics of painted or metal-plated plastics along with valuable functional attributes of DuPont(TM) Delrin® acetal resins such as resistance to alcohol and most other perfume and
cosmetic ingredients, mechanical strength and toughness.

"In addition to increasing design freedom, DuPont(TM) Delrin® Decorating Solutions also open opportunities for cost savings by combining the functions of two or more parts into a single part made of Delrin®," said Stefan Greulich, global market development manager for DuPont.

Perfume caps, for example, are now often made as a two-piece construction of a plated ABS overcap on a threaded closure made of a different plastic that's resistant to solvents and other perfume ingredients. A one-piece closure made of plated Delrin® would fulfill the functional and decorative requirements of both
parts and cost less, too. It would also allow product differentiation through the use of different-colored coatings or plating on a common cap design.

Another example involves atomizer perfume containers. Here, a plated and/or painted Delrin® container can replace a more costly construction involving a separate reservoir and decorative casing.

Cosmetic cases provide similar opportunities. Delrin® can be molded to make a part with an integral hinge, replacing the usual two- or three-piece casing made of other materials.

For the packaging manufacturer, DuPont(TM) Delrin® Decorating Solutions provide a complete system for meeting the needs of their customers in the cosmetics and fragrance trade. The system consists of molding resins, an etching solution, coatings and application technology. The resin offering consists of three
resins for painting - Delrin(®) DS100, DS500 and DS900 - and two resins for plating, Delrin® DS500M and DS900M, which will become available in July 2003. The etching solution, sold under the trademark Delrin® Etch activates the part's surface to accept painting or plating.

Three series of coatings are available to meet different requirements. They are DuPont(TM) Centari® 6000 low-emission solvent-based paints, DuPont(TM) Cromax® waterbome coatings and DuPont(TM) Aqua Decosoft®, a waterborne coating with a pleasingly soft touch.

Except for the Delrin® Etch solution, no special chemicals are required for plating Delrin®. Parts can be decorated using the same equipment and baths employed for plating ABS plastics.

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