Plate-Making Laser streamlines printing pad production.

Press Release Summary:

With 120 x 120 mm marking area and 400 x 400 mm operating area, COBALT 1000 computer-to-plate laser etching system produces high-resolution pad printing plates. It eliminates inconsistencies in pad printing process and can engrave thin and thick steel cliches as well as other metallic items. Able to making plates in 2-3 min, network-capable system employs 10 W fiber laser; self-centering plate clamp system; and adjustable power, frequency, and speed controls.

Original Press Release:

Inkcups Now Introduces Cobalt 1000 - Plate-Making Laser System

Inkcups Now introduces the revolutionary COBALT 1000 laser engraver system - a computer to plate etching system designed to produce high resolution pad printing plates. This extremely productive, compact system is a breakthrough product for the pad printing industry.

The COBALT 1000 eliminates many inconsistencies in the pad printing process while at the same time offers dramatic quality, efficiency and process improvements over existing plate technologies. And if this were not enough the COBALT 1000 is able to engrave thin steel and thick steel cliches as well as other metallic items.

Features and Benefits of Computer to Plate Printing:

1. Process Improvements:
o Improved print quality - laser plates are 1st generation so there is no loss of resolution due to film
o Etched Cobalt laser plates are 100% repeatable
o Improved ink lay down - laser engraved plates have a straight walled etching and more precise inkwell profile than polymer plates
o Cobalt plates can be made with "combination etching" - halftones for bold areas and open etch for fine graphics.
o Used laser engraver plates are easily stored and edges do not curl over time.

2. Direct Cost Savings:
o Reduce plate usage - double sided COBALT plates can accommodate up to four images
o Computer to plate printing eliminates film costs - image-setter or laser film
o Eliminate chemical costs - image-setter fixer, developer, and plate toner cartridges
o Eliminate Maintenance Contracts for image-setter and processor
o Eliminate hazardous waste stream and supply shipping costs

3. Time and Efficiency Savings:
o Reduce plate making time - 2 to 3 minutes for a Cobalt laser plate vs. 15 minutes for a polymer plate
o Eliminate bad plates - total depth control gives consistent plates every time
o Eliminate pad printing machine downtime - operators waiting for bad plates to be re-delivered

Laser Engraver System Specifications:
o 10 watt fiber laser
o Self-centering plate clamp system
o Vertical micro-adjust system
o 120mm x 120mm marking area
o 400mm x 400mm operating area
o Cobalt computer to plate printing Software package - handles Adobe Illustrator and .dxf files
o Adjustable power, frequency and speed settings
o Network capable
o Current: 5 Amps Voltage: 110V
o Machine Dimensions: 19"W x 31"L x 27"H
o Shipping Weight: 145 lbs

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