Plastruct Canada Inc. Offers Re-Lining for Pneumatic Fluidizing Beds and Hoppers

Vineland, Ontario, Canada - Plastruct Canada Inc. has recently completed training to provide re-line and installations services for fluidizing beds delivering uniform air distribution for diffusing, aerating, and fluidizing materials.

Pneumatic fluidizing systems are for the discharge of fluidizable bulk material with poor flow ability (flour-like and powdery) and/or with homogenous bulk density. This process is suitable for all silo types and size. The counter-flange of the fluidizing bed is bolted to cylindrical outdoor or indoor storage silos as well as scale and storage bins. The product discharge is directly connected to the downstream equipment to ensure an air-tight, closed system. The air distribution cone with fluidization bottom consists of porous sintered plastic plates, outer cone steel plate, stainless steel holding bars, air inlet nozzles, and connecting and discharge flanges. Fluidizing beds will need to be re-lined if material flow is impeded. To compensate for restricted flow, users often increase air pressure which creates heat in the compressor. The increase heat can damage plastic components.

Plastruct Canada Inc. completes the fluidizing bed re-line in strict accordance with manufacturer's specifications. We remove and dispose of the existing liner. All interior aspects of the hopper are hand cleaned and high pressure sanitized. A new liner is designed, machined, form and press fitted. These highly chemical inert liners utilize a network of omnidirectional pores for effective "torturous path" filtration with suitable pore size selection for each application. All seams are welded and the entire bed is inspected. Re-lining of fluidizing beds can be completed on site or at our facility. Plastruct Canada Inc. has re-lined fluidizing beds that were 18" diameter up to 120" wide and larger. We ensure quick turnaround to suit our customers scheduling.

For more information on Fluidizing Beds please contact:

Plastruct Canada Inc.,

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