Plastruct Canada Inc. Offers Equine Safety Fencing

Vineland, Ontario, Canada - Plastruct Canada Inc. has partnered with Aeolian Enterprises to exclusively offer their Equine Safety Containment Fencing Systems across Canada. Equine Safety Fencing is a complementary addition to Plastruct's Agricultural Segment product line.

Plastruct's Equine Safety Containment Fencing is manufactured from high density polyethylene or HPDE and was engineered and designed for the Equine market. Other livestock would benefit as well from the safety aspects. Unlike wood or PVC, it will not shatter or break possibly harming horses or other livestock. HDPE is made of a number 2 recyclable material and is safe for the environment and animals. The colour is throughout the 3/8" thick material and remains colourfast for the life of the product. Warranty is twenty years.

Almost every other fencing material retains a mechanism of injury for instances when 1000 plus pounds of horse encounters fencing at high speeds. When a horse breaches a fence, it can be hurt in the process and by running into a road and being hit by a car or truck.

Wood fences deteriorate and require replacement approximately every 10 years because posts rot below ground level. In addition painting is necessary to keep wooden fences from rapid deterioration. Wood fences are relatively inexpensive going in, but is one the most expensive materials to maintain.

Metal fencing can be more costly to install and can rust at the connections over time. Its lack of give can harm livestock with a feisty encounter. Wire fencing tends to blend into the background and horizontal features camouflage themselves as livestock tend not to see long linear runs of wire. Mesh or linear wire can seriously harm livestock.

PVC or vinyl brands of fencing caution against use with livestock because of shattering in colder temperatures which can cause severe injury to horses. HDPE fencing should not be compared with PVC fencing as their physical properties are different.

HDPE Equine Safety Fencing is stronger than wood and PVC. It is maintenance free and will not splinter or crack even in cold temperatures. In fact, it remains pliable from 150 degrees F to negative 100 degrees F, perfect for Canadian winters and Arizona summers. The fencing is available in ranch-rail or farm plank style which is both strong and extremely resilient in all weather conditions.

The Fencing system consists of posts, crib resistant post caps, 16' long rails for 2, 3 and 4 rail systems, and fence pins placements for inside the posts. Plastruct provides professional installation services.

HDPE comes in six colours with white and black as the standard for the industry. Other colours available are: grey, green, redwood and tan weathered wood. It is not only maintenance free, but remains durable and beautiful for well past its twenty year warranty life.

We ensure quick turnaround to suit our customers scheduling.

For more information on Equine Safety Containment Fencing please contact:

Plastruct Canada Inc.,

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Vineland, Ontario L0R 2C0

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