Plastics Adhesive cures with heat or visible/UV light.

Press Release Summary:

OPTOCAST AC-3801 one-component electronic grade, acrylate based formulation is room temperature stable and free radically initiated. Adhesive/sealant/encapsulant will adhere to polymeric and ceramic substrates when polymerized to flexible solid upon exposure to heat or UV and/or visible light in 320-520 nm range. Cured adhesive offers Shore D hardness of 40 to 45 and temperature range of -40 to 150 deg C.

Original Press Release:

Visible/UV Light and/or heat Curing Plastics Adhesive

EMI announces a family of one component electronic grade acrylate based formulations, OPTOCAST AC-3801 Series. This room temperature stable, free radically initiated, visible/UV light and/or heat activated adhesive/encapsulant can be cured through
polymeric materials that contain UV absorbing light stabilizers. OPTOCAST AC-3801 products exhibit excellent adhesion to various polymeric substrates as polyester(Valox/Celanex), polycarbonate(Lexan/Calibre), polyamide(Nylon/Zytel) etc. For more information contact Electronic Materials, Inc. at phone (970) 547-0807, fax (970) 547-0817, e-mail:, Web site, or write to 1814 Airport Road, Breckenridge, CO 80424.

Technical Data Sheet
An Ultra Violet and/or Visible Light and/or Heat Curable Adhesive

The OPTOCAST AC-3801 is a 100% solids, one component acrylate based adhesive/sealant/encapsulant that will adhere to various polymeric and ceramic substrates when polymerized to a flexible solid upon exposure to ultraviolet and/or visible light in the 320-520 nm wavelength range or heat.

Properties Uncured OPTOCAST AC-3801
Appearance Slightly amber liquid
Viscosity, cps, @25C 2,000-2,500 (Sp.#51; 50RPM)
% solids 100%
Specific Gravity 1.10-1.20
Flash point >150° C
Vapor Pressure @ 20°C <0.25 mmHg
Shelf Life >1.0 year@25° C
Odor none

Suggested Cure Schedule
Type of radiation UV-A
Energy, mJ/cm² 5,000
Heat@125C 5.0 minutes

Properties Cured
Appearance Clear flexible polymer
Hardness, Shore D 40-45
Tg, C -10
Temperature range, C -40 to 150
Refractive index, nD20 1.48
CTE, ppm/C 60-70
Elongation at break, % 40-50

Use Instructions

Make sure that the surface is clean and dry. Apply OPTOCAST AC-3801 by syringe dispensing. Expose to UV light of 320-520nm wavelength, 5.0J/cm² or heat for 5.0 minutes@125C. The exposure
time is dependent on several conditions: Temperature of the substrate, UV intensity delivered to the adhesive and heat generated by the UV source.

UV eye protection should always be worn when using ultra violet light. Good house keeping rules are always important. Provide ample ventilation in all areas of handling, mixing and use. Avoid prolonged breathing of fumes. Mininmize skin contact. Use of goggles, rubber gloves and protective creams is recommended. Always wash exposed areas immediately using warm soapy water followed by rinse with clean water. If materials come in contact with eyes, flush with clean water for fifteen minutes and immediately contact a physician. All data given in the bulletin is based on our own research and the research of others. They are believed to be accurate, however no guarantee of accuracy is made. Products described are sold without warranty, except confomity to specifications and on condition that the purchaser
shall determine suitability for their particular purpose.

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