Plastic Wiper cleans linear guides.

Press Release Summary:

Low friction, oil-filled plastic wiper is standard wiper for company's linear guide family. Seal clears particulate and contaminants from rail as slider is actuated. Wipers are spring-loaded to apply even, consistent wiping action along length of raceways. It is suitable for general industrial applications as well as heavily contaminated areas. Wipers also provide source of lubrication for the raceways over entire length of stroke.

Original Press Release:

New Oil-Filled Wipers for REDI-RAIL(TM) Linear Guide Rails

Lower Friction Design for Extended Life

Rockford, IL ---- A NEW low friction, oil-filled plastic wiper is now the standard wiper for the REDI-RAIL linear guide family. These seals are designed to clear particulate and contaminants from the rail as the slider is actuated. The result is that long life and low friction are maintained throughout the slider's use.

The NEW oil-filled wipers are spring loaded to apply an even consistent wiping action along the length of the raceways. It is ideally suited for general industrial applications as well as where heavier contamination is present. They also provide an excellent source of lubrication for the raceways over the entire length of stroke.

The backbone of the REDI-RAIL assembly is a lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum rail that provides the rigidity and strength required while keeping costs competitive when compared to a typical steel slide. The raceways are a hardened steel shaft pressed and bonded into the assembly resulting in an excellent bearing surface. Adjustable rolling element bearings provide the ability to match pre-loads to the amount of precision required. Wipers are attached at each end of the slider keeping contaminants clear of the shaft for long life and consistent performance.

The REDI-RAIL linear guides are excelient for a wide range of applications such as packaging equipment, pick-n-place automation, media retrieval, guide doors for machine tools, slides to provide easier access to electronic enclosures, and in architectural applications guiding moveable walls. REDI-RAIL linear guides are designed to offer versatility in linear motion.

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