Plastic Roll Cradle safely secures products for shipping.

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Designed for stacking, shipping, and storing sensitive products, Thermoformed Roll Cradle protects rolled and cylindrical materials with 18-22.5 in. dia. Dust-free cradle, made from reusable, recyclable PET, has nestable design with denesting hubs that facilitate separation of stacked units. Locking hubs offer secure alignment when used in back-to-back formation, and locking end tabs ensure cradles remain firmly aligned and attached during loading and shipment.

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Rollguard® Products Introduces New, Safer Plastic Roll Cradle

Thermoformed Roll Cradles Stay Aligned, Attached During Loading and Shipping APPLETON, Wis.-Rollguard® Products, part of Great Northern Corporation's Specialty Group, has introduced Thermoformed Roll Cradle, a new dust-free plastic cradle with locking hubs and end tabs for greatly improved safety and stability during loading and shipping. The new dust-free cradles have locking hubs for easy, secure alignment when they are used in a back-to-back formation and locking end tabs that ensure cradles remain firmly aligned and attached when materials are being loaded and shipped. "The unique design of our locking tabs and hubs eliminates the dangers associated with operators using their hands to realign cradles that often separate and become misaligned" says Rob Swannell, director of new business development for Great Northern Corporation's Specialty Group. "Our cradles stay firmly attached and aligned so that hands are never near or underneath product that is being lowered into place." Designed to protect rolled and cylindrical materials with diameters between 18 inches and 22.5 inches, the Thermoformed cradle has a strong cushioning construction that makes it ideal for stacking, shipping and storing sensitive products. Its highly nestable design allows more cradles to be stacked per pallet, producing significant savings in shipping and storage costs. Made from reusable, recyclable PET, Rollguard's cradles also feature: - Special denesting hubs that make it easy to separate stacked cradles for use - Optional cradle lips that protect roll ends and help prevent slippage - A smooth surface that protects products from damage. - A crowned contour that relieves pressure on roll edges. "Because only Rollguard has a complete line of plastic, molded pulp and foam cradles, we can supply you with the right solution for a wide variety of products and environments," says Swannell. "We provide what you need, not sell you what we have." Rollguard® Products ( is the industry-leading developer and supplier of protective packaging systems for rolled and cylindrical products. It offers one of the broadest selections of stock sizes of foam, fiber and plastic roll cradles. Major product lines include Rollguard® EPS Foam, Recycled Fiber, Narrow Fiber, Full Roll, and Thermoformed cradles. Product inquiries can be directed to Janet Keyes at (800) 925-2626 or by e-mail at

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