Plastic Pallet meets FM fire rating requirements.

Press Release Summary:

High-density polyethylene Structo-Cell® Pallet measures 40 x 48 x 5.1 in. and meets FM standards for commodity classification of idle pallets and NFPA 13 regulation. Molded as 1-piece, double face pallet, it provides hygienic properties for pharmaceutical and food applications. Pallet has thick outer wall, diagonal ribbing for impact resistance, and contoured edges and corners. Static load capacity is 30,000 lb, and dynamic load capacity is 4,000 lb.

Original Press Release:

ORBIS® Corp. Introduces 40 Inch x 48 Inch Plastic Pallet Approved by Factory Mutual Research Corp.

Pallet meets FM's standards for commodity classification of idle pallets and NFPA 13 regulation

OCONOMOWOC, Wis. (January 13, 2004) - ORBIS® Corp. now offers a high-density polyethylene, 40" x 48" x 5.1" pallet approved by Factory Mutual Research Corp. (FM) as having met fire rating requirements equivalent to wood pallets.

The ORBIS 40" x 48" Heavy Duty Structo-Cell® pallet meets Factory Mutual's standards for commodity classification of idle plastic pallets and NFPA13/2000 requirements, classifying it as representing a hazard "equal to or less than that presented by wood pallets." FM-approved pallets are exempt from fire code regulations requiring upgraded fire protection measures for indoor storage and use of plastic pallets.

"Obtaining approval from Factory Mutual Research for an HDPE pallet represents a real technological breakthrough and is the result of years of effort," says Suzy Pursell, ORBIS product manager. "Our challenge was to achieve FM-approval and retain the performance properties of the 40" x 48" Structo-Cell pallet, while maintaining cost effectiveness for our customers. Additionally, because of its durability, plastic pallets offer a very long service life, up to 250 trips, when compared to wood pallets. "

This FM-approved pallet combines fire safety with ORBIS' durable plastic construction, resulting in a lightweight and high-performance product. The FM-approved Structo-Cell was designed and manufactured for a wide range of warehousing, distribution and pooling applications. It is used to move, store and distribute product within a single operation or entire supply chain.

Molded as a one-piece, double face pallet, it provides the hygienic properties demanded in pharmaceutical and food applications. In addition to its fire performance feature, the 40" x 48" x 5.1" Heavy Duty Structo-Cell pallet offers:

Seamless interface with conveyors and automated equipment
Smooth, contoured edges and corners, for easy handling and reduced product damage
Thick outer wall and diagonal ribbing for added impact resistance
Easy cleanability, with flow-through deck
FDA-approved material availability
Dimensional consistency, with a weight of 43 lb.
Static load capacity of 30,000 lb., dynamic load capacity of 4,000 lb.

In recent years, ORBIS has introduced the 40" x 48" RackR(TM) pallet approved by Underwriters Laboratory that meets the UL 2335 Classification of Plastic Pallets fire safety requirements. This recyclable rackable plastic pallet meets or exceeds established performance standards for 40" x 48", edge-rackable Grocery Manufacturers' Association-specified pallet systems.

Plastic reusable packaging improves the flow of product all along the supply chain, to reduce costs. ORBIS Corp. uses proven expertise, industry-leading knowledge, innovation and superior products (containers, pallets and dunnage) to implement plastic reusable packaging systems. ORBIS helps world-class customers move their product faster, better, safer and more cost-effectively. To learn more about plastic reusable packaging, contact ORBIS at 888-307-2185 or visit

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