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Plastic Overmolded Transponder measures 12.6 x 3.5 x 3.7 mm.

Press Release Summary:

Supporting automotive applications such as passive keyless entry (K-GO o PKE) and tire pressure monitoring systems, model TOM1203 is totally protected with plastic overmolding to resist shock impacts, vibrations, and possible PCB deformations. Transponder coil is optimized for 20, 125, and 134 kHz low frequency operation, offering inductance customizable range from 340 µH up to 16.2 mH, and sensitivity levels greater than 100 mV/A/m. Product meets requirements of AEC-Q200C.

Original Press Release:

Overmoulded Transponders Specially Designed for the Most Demanding Automotive Applications

With the newest TOM1203, PREMO offers to its customers a reliable and high performance solution to support high demanding automotive applications, such as passive keyless entry (K-GO o PKE) and tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS).

The transponder coil has been optimized to achieve high performances in low frequency (mainly 20, 125 and 134 kHz), and to support high mechanical and thermal stress levels, maintaining an excellent performance in all the operation range.

The higher resistance of this series is another crucial advantage. In spite of their small size, 12.6mm x 3.5mm x 3.7mm, these transponders are totally protected with a plastic overmoulding which allows them to resist shock impacts, vibrations and possible PCB´s deformations.

In low frequency applications, it offers an inductance customizable range from 340 µH up to 16.2mH, reaching sensitivity levels greater than 100mV/A/m. The whole specifications satisfy the requirements of AEC-Q200C.

PREMO worldwide leading company designs, manufacturse and supplies standard and custom made inductive components for the electronics market. Our wide range of products are RFID transponder coils, EMC filters, PLC accessories, planar transformers, current transducers, chokes, mainly for automotive, renewable energy and railways makets.

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