Plastic Containers provide small parts storage.

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Made of polyethylene copolymer, Hook-On-Bins(TM) are available in 5 sizes to accommodate many types of small items. Each has back tab hook for hanging on louvered work cabinets, carts, and benches. Molded top edge permits secure stacking when hangers are not available, while molded side grips help user place and remove bins. Built-in front slot holds part identification cards or other bin labels. Lowered front edge allows visibility of parts.

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Hodge Hook-On-Bins(TM) Save Storage Space and Time

Versatile Containers Meet a Variety of Needs

DURHAM, CT - HODGE Mfg. Co. (HODGE), a division of The Durham Mfg. Co., offers a variety of plastic Hook-On-Bins(TM) parts containers to fit a broad range of applications. These space-saving bins provide efficient small parts storage in an almost unlimited number of configurations.

HODGE Hook-On-Bins(TM) are built tough of durable polyethylene copolymer and are available in five different sizes to accommodate many types of small items. Each bin has a back tab hook for hanging on HODGE and other louvered work cabinets, carts, and benches. In addition, all bins have a molded top edge which permits secure stacking where hangers are not available. Molded side grips make it easy to place and remove
bins for transport to replenishment areas or remote work stations, and optional dividers offer the convenience of storing different parts in the same bin. A built-in front slot is ideal for holding parts identification cards or other bin labels. The lowered front edge enhances part visibility and makes picking easier and faster.

Best of all, in conjunction with HODGE cabinets, transport carts, and work stations, Hook-On-Bins(TM) make it possible to utilize every cubic foot of storage, resulting in a smaller storage footprint and more efficient parts organization. What's more, HODGE Hook-On-Bins(TM) work easily with other cabinet and shelving products, whether louvered, railed, or simple flat surface.

"HODGE Hook-On-Bins(TM) are popular with our customers because they work well in so many different configurations," said Denis Roussel, vice president sales. "Users typically mix and match an assortment of sizes to meet particular needs. Then, as their needs or processes change, they can easily re-configure the bins to work with the new process. Because many of our cabinets, carts, and work benches are designed especially to utilize these bins, they make for a very cost-efficient storage system."

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HODGE, a division of The Durham Mfg. Co., has been a leader in the manufacture and service of all-welded, heavy-duty, non-powered material handling and storage equipment that is "Built Tough Since 1936." HODGE offers products of quality and durability with fast service in a business-friendly environment. HODGE exclusively sells its products through a knowledgeable, nationwide network of distributors. Durham
specializes in products for industrial and commercial storage; first aid; office/literature organizers; and home storage. Located in historic Durham, CT, since 1922, Durham is
one of the nation's largest producers of both metal and plastic storage/small parts organizers serving the MRO industry.

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